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18 Apr 2014

Nationalized Text Books – distribution of text books for the academic year 2014-15 -Proceedng of DEO,KNR


Rc. No. 114/E3/NTB/2014-15                                       Date: 17.04.2014

  • Sub:- Nationalized Text Books –  distribution of text books for the academic year 2014-15 – instructions issued.
  • Ref:- 1. DSE, AP, Hyderabad guidelines issued on 16.04.2014.

All the Mandal Educational Officers in the district are informed that in the reference 1st cited, Commissioner and Director of School Education, AP, Hyderabad issued the guidelines for the distribution of N. T. Books from Mandal Point to School Point and to the students for the classes VI to IX and X in High Schools, Residential Schools and Upper Primary Schools. The following instructions are issued to all the Mandal Educational Officers in the district for the effective implementation of the distribution of N.T. Books from mandal point to school point and to the students strictly.

  1. Transport VII to X class text books to all High Schools/U.P.Schools. 
  2. Also transport VI class text books to residential High Schools having I to X classes and V to X classes. 
  3. Distribute VI to X classes books to V to IX classes passed out students in the above schools before 23rd April, 2014 i.e., before closure of schools for summer vacation. 
  4. In MPUP Schools having VIII class (maximum) VII and VIII books shall be distributed to VI and VII class passed out students. 
  5. In MPUP Schools having VII class (maximum) VII class books shall be distributed to VI class passed out students. 
  6. However, for I to V classes in Primary and UP schools and for VI class in UP Schools, books shall be distributed only on the reopening day only. 
  7. The Headmasters shall report distribute to students under proper acknowledgement. 
  8. The Headmasters shall report distribution progress to MEOs and in turn MEOs to DEO everyday from 15th to 23rd April, 2014 
  9. The MEOs shall report progress everyday from 16th to 23rd to DEO through email in the proforma given hereunder. 
  10. The report shall be for No. of Books given to students of classes VI to IX in one figure and for class X in one figure. 
  11. For misuse of irregularity of N. T.Books at any stage, they are liable for disciplinary action. 


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