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6 May 2014

Supply of uniforms to the eligible children for the year 2014 -15 - Procurement of Uniform cloth from the APCC

Office of the Rajiv Vidya Mission Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.
Rc.No.2086/RVM(SSA)/C4/2014, Dated: 29-04-2014

Sub:- AP, RVM, Hyd - Supply of uniforms to the eligible children for the year 2014-15 - Procurement of Uniform cloth from the APCC Guidelines issued - Reg.

  • G.O,Ms.No.24, Industries & Commerce (Tex) Dept, Dt 22.03.2013.
  • Lr.No. APCO/LS/Co/RVM/2014. Dt:28.04.2014 of the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, APSHWCS, APCL,Hyderabad. 
All the SMCs in the State are aware that„ two pairs of uniforms are provided to the children studying Ito VIII Classes in the Govt. schools every year. As per the guidelines of the MHRD, GOI, New Delhi the process of procurement of uniforms should be mode in decentralized manner at the SMCs level only. The Government of Andhra Pradesh in the reference 1st cited has issued instructions for procurement of uniform cloth from the APCO in order to encourage weavers.

Therefore, all the SMCs in the State are requested to follow similar procedure as last year and procure uniform cloth to the children for the year 2014-15 by placing indent with APCO as per their requirement. They are informed that the required budget amount @ Rs. 400/- (i.e., uniform cloth charges for two pairs of Rs.320/- and Rs. 80/- for stitching charges) per child will be released to their respective Bank Accounts through the online transfer.

The SMCs are requested to release the amount to the APCO/Stitching agencies directly by online transfer. They shall not transfer any amount to the MEOs account. Banks shall not permit the transfer of any amounts to the MEO account from SMCs account. If any Head Master transfers to MEG account action will be initiated against them. 


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