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13 Aug 2014

G.O.MS.No. 23 Dt:13.08.2014 Formation of Telangana State - Special Increment - Sanction - Orders - Issued

Public Services  - Formation of Telangana State  - Special Increment  - Sanction - Orders - Issued.
G.O.MS.No. 23:    Date: 13.08.2014,
Read the following:
1. The Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014, No 6 of 2014.
2. The Gazette of India No 560, dated: March 04, 2014.
The State of Telangana was formed and came into existence as the 29th State in the Union of India on and from 2nd June, 2014 under the A.P.Reorganisation Act, 2014.

2.    Several sections of    the society have voluntarily participated in the movements demanding the Central and State Governments for creation of the State of Telangana. Non-Gazetted, Gazetted and other classes of employees have played a    important role in building up the movement in a peaceful and democratic manner and in mobilising the support of the  nation  for  the  just    demand.  The  contribution  of  the  employees community was immense    in the emergence of the State of Telangana.

3.    In  token  of  appreciation  of  the  role  played  by  the  employee community,  the  Government  have  decided  to  sanction  a    special increment  by  name  Telangana  Increment  to  the  employees  to  mark fulfilment of the longstanding demand for formation of separate    State of Telangana.

4.    Accordingly,  Government  hereby order sanction  of Telangana Increment in  the  nature    of a  special pay equivalent to the immediate previous increment drawn    in their current pay scale, which would be a permanently fixed amount during the entire period of service (like earlier family  planning  increment),  to  the  following  categories  of  employees serving the Government of Telangana.
a)    All  employees  of  the  State  Government  who    are  in receipt    of  pay  in  a  regular  pay  scale  in  the  RPS, 2010/UGC/AICTE pay scales.
b)    Employees  of  the  Local  Bodies,  Agricultural Market Commitees, Zilla Grandhalaya Samasthas and Aided Institutions, who are in receipt of pay in a regular pay scale in the RPS, 2010.
c)    Work-charged  establishment  in  receipt  of  pay  in  a regular pay scale in the RPS, 2010.
d)     Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of Universities who are drawing pay in a regular scale of pay in the RPS, 2010/UGC/AICTE pay scales.

5.     The  above  sanction  shall  also  extend  to  such  of  the  above categories  of  employees  who  are  presently  not  ordered  to  serve  provisionally in connection with the affairs of the State of Telangana, but  are  finally  allotted  to  the  State  of  Telangana  in  terms  of  the provisions of the AP. Reorganisation Act, 2014, on and with effect from the  date/month  of  their  reporting  in  the  Government  of  Telangana pursuant to such final allotment.

6.     The Telangana Increment  (special pay), as mentioned in para  (3) supra,  shall  be  an  amount  equivalent  to  the  immediate  previous increment  drawn  in  the  current  pay  scale  of  the  post  held  by  the employee  in  the  Revised  Pay  Scales  2010/corresponding  UGC/AICTE pay scales.

7.     The  Telangana  Increment  shall  be  sanctioned  by  the  authority who is competent to sanction an increment in the pay scale admissible to the employee, through an office  order/proceedings on the  basis of this G.O.

8.    The Telangana Increment shall be shown in the pay bill separately and distinctly as a special pay.

9.     The  Telangana  Increment  (special  pay)  shall  be  a  permanently fixed amount separately attached to the pay during the entire period of service and shall not be reckoned for the purposes of fixation of pay on promotion or otherwise in future.

10.    No allowance such as DA, HRA, CCA or any other allowance shall be admissible on the Telangana Increment.

11.    The Telangana Increment shall not be taken into account for the purposes  of  fixation  of  pension  and  pensionary  benefits  such  as Gratuity and commutation of pension.

12.    The Telangana Increment shall be payable starting with the salary for the month of August, 2014.

13.    The expenditure on the above special pay shall be debited to the Head  of  Account to which  the  present pay and allowances  are  being debited.

14.    All  the  Departments  of  Secretariat  and  Head  of  Departments, Registrar  of  all  Universities  are  requested  to  take  necessary  action accordingly.



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