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22 Oct 2014

Rc.No.513/PS-1-2-2014 Dt:17-10-2014 conduct of "Balala Dinotsavamuna Badilo Atala Sandadi" on the eve of Childeren's day in PS, UPS & HS


Rc.No. 513/PS-1-2-2014    Dated: 17-10-2014
Sub:- School Education Department - conduct of "Balala Dinotsavamuna Badilo Atala Sandadi" on the eve of Childeren'sday i.e., 14th November, 2014 in primary School, upper primary Schools and High Schools in the state-instructions issued - Reg-

Read:- 1) U.O Note No.6/SGFTS/2014-2015 Dated: 08-10-2014 from Secretary SGFTS Hyderabad.
All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that it is proposed to conduct "sport and
cultural events on the occation of Children's Day i.e., 14th November 2014 in Government, Z.P, M.P Primary Schools, Upper Primary Schools and High Schools Therefore all the District Educational Officers are directed to instructthe Dy.EO/MEO, concerned to conduct the sports and games in the Schools as shown below.
Further the following instructions are issued for conducting the "Balala Dinotsavamuna Badilo Atala Sandadi" smooth and effectively.

i) All the District Educational Officers shall conduct a preliminary meeting with the Dy. Educational Officers,
Mandal Educational Officers, School Assistants (Physical Education) and Physical Education Teachers and all Members for SGFTS of their district to plan and organize "Balala Dinotsavamuna Badilo Atala Sandadi" by conducting games and sports in the Schools in their respective districts.

ii)All the activities shall be conducted on 14th NOvember, 2014 followed by prize distribution.

iii) The Headmasters of the respective shcools are held responsible to conduct the above events. The MEOs and  Dy.E.Os should submit compliance report with full detaials to the activities conducted on the DEOs on 15-11-2014.

iv) The District Educational Officers shall arrange for wide publicity of the above programme in their  respective district.

The Expenditure for the events shall be met from S.S.A/R.V.M/R.M.S.A grants.  Rs. 500/-(Primary Schools) Rs 1000/- @Upper Primary Schools from S.S.A/R.V.M grants and Rs 1500/- @High Schools from RMSA grants.

This has the approval of the Commissioner & Director of School Education Telangana State, Hyderabad.

for commissioner & Director of School Education


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