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17 Feb 2015

Classroom Theatre - Choreography, a Multifaceted Tool

7. Choreography, a Multifaceted Tool
Choreography is a performance art and it makes use of some theatrical components. It is a discourse that can communicate effectively to itsviews. As a pedagogic tool it can be used to facilitate the development of  communication skills. Like the drama it caters to the development of multiple intelligences. Choreographing a poem implies deeper understanding of its theme.

The following process is used for choreographing the poem:
  1. Identifying the theme/themes of the poem(stanza-wise).
  2. Identifying instances form real life that manifest the theme.
  3. Identify the characters and their actions.
  4. Deciding the location where the actions take place.
  5. Deciding the actions of the chorus to create the setting.
  6. Sequencing the actions.
  7.  Setting music to the poem.
  8. Singing the poem and synchronizing the movements and actions of the characters with the rhythm of the song.
The theme can be interpreted in multiple ways and each interpretation will yield a different choreography of the poem.


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