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28 Mar 2015

The Clever Jackal - 5th Class English

Picture 1
Tiger: O! Farmer, please open the door.
Farmer: No, I'm sorry, I can't trust a tiger.

Tiger:  I'm not ungrateful, I won't harm you.
Farmer: I'll trust you.   
Picture 3
Tiger: But, I'm hungry! So I'll eat you. 
Farmer: Oh, No! You're ungrateful and cruel. 

Picture 4
Tiger: No, animals aren't cruel. Man is cruel. Look, horse is coming. We'll ask the horse.
Farmer: Alright.

Picture 5
Farmer: Oh horse, please listen to me. This tiger was in a trap. I opened the door. Now he wants to eat me. Is he not cruel?
Horse: No, Man is really cruel. I'm old. I can't serve my master. He turned me out.So I'm here.

Picture 6
Tiger: O! farmer, the horse also says man is cruel. So, I'll eat you.
Farmer: Wait a minute. Look, a jackal is coming. We'll ask him, too.

Picture 7
Farmer: O! Jackal, see this tiger. I saved him from the trap. But he wants to eat me. He's very cruel.
Jackal: How can I save the farmer?

Picture 8
Jackal: My dear tiger, can you explain everything to me again?
Tiger: Yes, I'll. This is the trap. I was in it.

Picture 9
Jackal: No, no.It's not possible. You are so large and the trap is so small.
Tiger: See I will show you

(Tiger enters into the trap)

Picture 10
www.naabadi.orgJackal: Oh! I see. Now it is clear. Thank you so much. Good-bye.

(Jackal quickly shuts the door)

Picture 11
Tiger: Oh God! Will you not open the door?
Jackal: No, we won't. Good bye.
Farmer: Yes, we will not open the door.

Picture 12
Jackal: O, farmer, go home now.
Farmer: Thank you, my friend.


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