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3 Jan 2016

Complete Lesson Plans - 2nd Class English

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Complete Lesson Plans - 2nd Class English (

 This Unit cum Lesson Plan writer are :
  1. Sri M. Limbadri,
        SGT, M.P.P.S. Puryanaik Thanda, Gandhari M.
  2. Sri V. Ganesh,
        SGT, M.P.P.S. Mokanpally, Navipet Mandal
  3. Sri T. Venkateshwarlu,
        SGT, M.P.P.S. Gandi Thanda, Dichpally
  4. Sri K. Venkateshwara Rao,
        ELTC, DIET, NZB
  5. Sri K. Suresh,
        SGT, M.P.P.S. Navipet, Mandal Navipet
  6. Kum S. Lakshi,
        SGT, M.P.P.S. Rajanagar, Nandipet
  7. Smt. K. Usha Kumari,
        SGT, M.P.P.S. Pedda Mallareddy, Bhiknoor Mandal
Prepared by:
Sl.  No. Name of the Unit Month Number of
1 At the Zoo June 16 Download PDF
2 Where are your Sweety June/ July 18 Download PDF
3 A Visit to uncles's house July/ Aug 18 Download PDF
4 My Village Fair Aug/ Sept. 19 Download PDF
5 Snoopy comes to school Nov 22 Download PDF
6 Rain ..... Rain Nov/ Dec 18 Download PDF
7 My Wish Dec/ Jan 18 --------
8 What's my Name Feb 19 Download PDF
9 Together we Pull Feb/ March 18 Download PDF
Special thanks to Sri A. Raju, S.G.T., MPPS Thadpakal, Mdl Morthad, Dist Nizabamabad.

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  1. i want new english text book 2nd and 4th class lesson plans