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15 Nov 2013

Criminal cases - Bogus reimbursment

                                          ANDHAPRADESH, HYDERABAD

R.C.NO.5407/D2-1/2010                                                                     Dated:11/11/2013

      Sub:- School Education - Fraudulent Medical Reimbursment Claims - Criminal Cases - Finalisation of Disciplinary action - Instructions - Issued i Regarding.
    Read:    1. C&DSE Proc.Rc.No. 5407/D2-2010 dated: 13-05-2013, 03-06-2013, 15-06-2013 and       21-09-2013
        2. GAD Vig.Memo No. 75 (C No. 1934/VE/D4)/2009 dated; 05-10-2012.
        3. Govt,Memo.No. 17098/SE-Vig.2/EDn/2010 dated: 18-012013

    All the District Educational Officers and Regional Joint Directors of school Education are informed that, earlier it was brought to the notice of the department that, certain in service and retired teachers have claimed the Medical reimbursement claims fraudulently by submitted bogus/fake medical bills causing loss to exchequer- Series of instructions wre issued regularly to initiate disciplinary action against all such teachers as per CCA Rules1991, besides recovery of the amount claimed fraudulently and filing of criminal cases against them in terms of Article 300 to 302 of A.P. Financial Code, (Volume-1) and as per Sections 403, 409 and 120(B) of IPC.

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