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15 Nov 2013

Providing of subject teachers in needy High Schools on Work adjustment


Rc.No.7232/D2-1/2012                                             Dated:14.11.2013

Sub:-School Education – Providing of subject teachers in needy High Schools on Work adjustment Instruction Issued - Regarding
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 All the District Educational Officers and the Regional Joint Director of School Educations in the state are informed that, it is brought to the notice of the Commissioner and Director of School Education by parents, Public representatives, certain District Educational Officers and District Collectors that, in some of the High Schools and in the Model Schools the subject teachers are not available to teach the subjects. It is also noticed that, due to the disturbances in majority of districts for various reasons, the syllabus is not completed as per the schedule in the School Academic Calendar. It is always the Endeavour of the department to ensure quality of Education to the students and to achieve better results in the SSC Public Examinations. As per Right to Education Act (RTE) 2009, it should be ensured that, the people Teacher Ratio as specified is maintained in each school. In order to ensure the availability of subject teacher in schools to continue regular instructions in each school and in the interest of School Children and to ensure completion of syllabus in the schools, the following arrangements are envisaged. The Regional Joint Director of School Educations / District Educational Officers are instructed to conduct a meeting with Inspecting Officers on 16.11.2013 and based on students strength in each Class, subject-wise need Assessment be done and number of teachers requirement subject-wise to be Assessed School-wise. In order to provide subject teachers and to ensure that the instruction in the school do not suffer, workout the surplus teachers to utilize their services on Work adjustment basis by applying the following criteria. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Fill up the vacancy by way of promotion, if the said post can be filled up by promotion at the first instance as per need. If the said vacancy could not be filled by way of promotion, identify to utilize the services of subject teacher on Work adjustment basis to handle 10th class, in case of two or more sections in the school and two or more teachers of the same subject are working in the school. The sections may be combined and the 2nd teacher may be utilized on work adjustment basis in another neighboring school where there are no subject teachers. It is noticed that, in urban areas and in the schools identified under SUCCESS schools, there may be more surplus teachers and priority shall be given to utilize the said teachers on work adjustment basis in the needy schools. In case, not even a single subject teacher is available in a school, utilize the services of needy subject teacher on Work adjustment basis, from the nearby High School, where two subject teachers are working in the same Mandal. For this the teacher who is handling the subject till today for X Class should not be disturbed as it affects the continuity of the subject. The vacant posts in A.P. Model Schools may also be adjusted with the qualified teachers on working arrangement, basis till the end of the academic year.

The above instructions should be followed scrupulously and the District Educational Officers shall complete the process with the approval of District Collector concerned and orders for working arrangement to teacher may be issued by 20.11.2013, and see that no High School / A.P. Model Schools is without subject teacher.



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