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21 Jan 2015

The Mouse and the Pencil - 3rd class English

      The pencil saw a little mouse. The mouse was looking for something to eat. He found the pencil.
      "I am going to bite you," said the mouse and he bit the pencil hard.
      "You are hurting me," said the pencil. "Let me draw one last picture for you and then can do what you like!" 
      "Very well," said the mouse.
      The pencil drew a big circle.
      "Is that cheese?" asked the mouse.
      "Well, let's call it cheese," said the pencil. Then it drew a bigger circle under the first one.
      "Is that an apple?" squaked the mouse. "Let's call it an apple," said the pencil and it drew three little things inside the first circle.
      "Are those cucumbers?" asked the mouse, licking his lips.
      "I wish you'd hurry. I simply can't wait to get my teeth into them!"
      Then it began drawing some funny curved things near the second circle.
      The pencil drew two little triangles on the top circle.
      "Oh, ho!" squeaked the mouse. "Now you have made it like a cat! Don't go on!"
      But the pencil went on, till it had drawn long whiskers and mouth on the top circle.
      And the mouse cried out in terror, "It's a real cat! Help!"


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