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21 Jan 2015

A Phone Call - 3rd Class English

      After a few days. Asif's family went out and came late in the afternoon. At the gate, Ahmad found a letter in the letter box. To their surprise a golden envolope fell down from it. It was very attractive.
      "Open it," shouted Fathima. Ahmad eagerly opened the envolope.
      He found that they had won a free holiday trip.
      "Hurray!" they shouted in happiness.
      "I hope it's to the sea side," said Asif, "I can swim in the sea and make sand castles."
      "No, I want to go to a hill station and enjoy the fresh air there," said Ahmad.
      "No, I would like to visit the museum, I can see many ancient things there," said Fathima.
      "Where would you like to go, Mum?" asked Asif. "I love to go wherever you  decide," said mother. Then they started to argue. They couldn't decide.
      Beach! Hills!! Museum!!!
      They went in and argued until it was dark. Then the phone rang. Fathima answered it.
      "Hello! This Lucky Holidays. You've won a holiday trip to Vizag..." said the voice on phone.
      "Madam! That's where my Grandama lives!" wondered Fathima.
      "Yes dear. This is your gramdma."
      "Wow! You played a trick on us! Now I understand that you had sent the envolope," said Fathima thrillingly.
      "I want all of you to spend your summer holidays with me," said Grandma. "Why not, Sure," said Fathima.
      They packed their suitcases and went to Grandma's place.


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