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17 Feb 2015

Classroom Theatre - Textbook to the Theatre

4. Textbook to theatre
      For most teachers the sole objectives of teaching English has been transmitting information contained in the textbook. However, the new textbooks demand that there is need to be a shift trom transmitting information to transacting experience in such a way that from the given text multiple texts are generated by the learners. The theatrical components such as the narrative, choreography and drama help us materialize this shift. Most of the lessons in the textbooks of primary classes are stories. These can be easily transacted as dramas because both o these discourses have events and dialogues. In narratives events are presented either orally or in writing whereas in dramas these events get translated into actions that can be performed. Once chlidren get used to performing dramas basedon the stories given in the textbook they can develop dramas from texts that are not stories. For this they have to identify the themes of the lessons. From these themes, plots can be developed which in turn can yield dramas. The transition from Textbook to Theatre will be pleasant experience for the learners at all levels.


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