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1st Class English Narratives

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16 Feb 2015

Classroom Theatre - The Theoretical aspects of Narratives

3. The Theoretical aspects of  Narratives
The focus is not  on trasmitting information but transaction experience. We are addressing the inner language of the listeners which is generated through thinking. Comprehension takes place by virtue fo the context, familiar words, voice modulation, facial expressions and optiomal gestures.

The narrative allows a holistic treatment of second language. It  accommodates different discourses; we can incorporate descreption, conversations and rhymes into the text of a narrative. Unlike the other discourse forms (for example, essay, poem, letter, etc.) a narrative as a discourse can accommodate all these types of sentences quite naturally. It incorporates all possibleprosodic features such as stress, intonation, modulation. The "narrative gaps" created by the teacher can be filled in by the learners by constructing target discourses. Narrarives capitalize on the emotive aspect of the language. This  is of vital importance in the language calss because experience is sustained in human minds asemotional gestalts. It can channel the thoughts of the listeners so that they can perform the tasks assigned to them in a better way.


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