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17 Feb 2015

Unit-1: AMMU AND HER FAMILY - Class I Page wise Narrative

                Unit 1

Ammu and Bittu
Narrative(Textbook Page 2 and 3 )

Shall we listen to Ammu's story?
 But who is Ammu?
Look at this picture.
This is Ammu. She is a little girl like you.
Then What could be her age?
She is six years old.

One day.

Ammu was sitting with her granndpa in the verandah. Her grandmother was platting her hair. Doggy, her pet puppy was sitting near Ammu. Suddenly a baby squirrel came there. Ammu saw the baby squirrel.

Page 4

"A baby squirrel!" Ammu said in joy.
The baby squirrel looked frightened. It was in search of something. It had lost its way.
Doggy looked at the baby squirrel and barked, 'Bow...vow'.
Doggy jumped at the squirrel. The squirrel ran toward the tree. Doggy ran after it. Ammu ran after Doggy.
Doggy was about to catch it.
Ammu shouted, "Doggy, stop"

Page 5
Bittu speaks

Doggy left the squirrel climb the tree. The squirrel sat on the trunk of the tree.
Ammu ran to the squirrel.
Then something strange the happened. Do you know what it was?
The squirrel said, "Thank you, dear."
Ammu was surprised. She said, "Wow, you are speaking!"
"Yes, I can speak."
Ammu wanted to know its name. What would Ammu ask the squirrel?
"What's your name?"
Do you know what the squirrel said?
"My name is Bittu. What's your name?"
Ammu said, "My name is Ammu."

Page 6

Bittu stays with Ammu
Ammu took Bittu in her hands. She stroke its back and patted it gently on its back.
Ammu wanted to know more about Bittu.
"Where is your house?"
Bittu said, "It is very far from here."
"Then how did you come here?"
"I saw some men putting guava fruits in the boxes. I crawled into a box to eat. Suddenly the closed the box. When the box was open again, I found myself here."
"Then how will you go back?" Ammu asked.
"I don't know."
Ammu felt sorry about the baby squirrel. "Poor Bittu! He is away from his home."
She wanted to keep the squirrel with her in her house.
"Will you stay with me?"
Bittu thought for a while. Anyhow I don't know where to go. I will stay with Ammu only.
"Yes," said Bittu. He wanted to know who else were there in Ammu's family.
So he asked, "Who are there in your family?"

Page 7
Sing the song
Bittu has agreed to stay with Ammu. Ammu is happy now.
Ammu showed her family members to Bittu and started singing:

This is my grandmother
Sitting on a chair.
Here is my grandfather
Sitting on a stool.
This is my dear mother
Waiting for my father.
This is my little brother
Sitting on her lap.

Page 8
Names of Ammu's family members

Bittu felt happy looking at Ammu's family. He wanted to know their names. So he asked Ammu,"What are the names of your family members?"

This is my grandfather.
His name is Dharmaiah.
This is my grand mother.
Her name is Leelamma.

Page 9

This is my father.
His name is Gangadhar.
This is my mother.
Her name is Hemalatha.
This is my brother.
His is name is Chintu.

Page 10

The focus of this  activity is to build up vocabulary related to family. Encourage the students to say the words related to family. Allow them to say the words in mother tongue. You can write them in English on a chart paper and display it on the wall so that the children can see them and get familiarised with the graphs.


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