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17 Feb 2015

Unit-2: GOING TO SCHOOL - Class I Page wise Narrative


Page 20 and 21
Ammu and Bittu are in the bus
Ammu and Bittu are in the bus
Ammu started playing with Bittu.
Ammu's mother called her, "Ammu, what are you doing there? Your school bus has com."
"OK, Amma."
In a moment Ammu was ready.
"Where are you going?" Bittu asked.
"To school."
Ammu took her bag.
"Take your lunch box," Amma said.
Ammu took her lunch box.  She kept it in her school bag and got into the bus. She said 'bye' to her mother.
She looked for Bittu. He was not seen anywhere.

Page 22
She heard somebody calling her, "Ammu, Ammu..."
Ammu knew whose voice it was. It was Bittu's voice. He was hiding in the bag.
"Bittu..., what are you doing in my bag?"
"I am coming with you."
"But where?"
"O.K. But don't go here and there."
Bittu sat silently in the bag. He heard a 'pee pee' sound from the road. He wanted to know what the sound was. He came out of the bag.
"What is that Ammu?" He asked Ammu pointing at a car.
"That is car."

Page 23
Sing the song
Ammu's bus goes pom pom pom
There were several other vehicles on the road. Bittu wanted to know the names to all the vehicles. Ammu started singing.

Here is the bus.
It goes on the road.
Here goes the bus
Pom, pom, pom

Here is the car.
It goes on the road.
Here goes the car.
Pee pee pee

My vehicle
Draw the picture of a vehicle you like. Name it, colour it and sing about it.

Page 25
say the names of the vehicles

Page 26 
Please near Ammu's school
The bus stopped near the school. All the children got down the bus. They walked towards the school. Ammu stopped at the gate and took Bittu out of the bag. She wanted to show Bittu her school.
"Bittu, look. That is our school".
"Oh! It's very big."
Bittu looked around. He wanted to know about the buildings and the vehicles near the school.
"Ammu, what is that near the school?"
Ammu looked at the post office near the school and said, "It is a post office."

Page 27
Say the names of the places

Page 28
Things far and near
Ammu and Bittu are standing near the school gate. Bittu was looking at the vehicles on the road.
"I have told Bittu the names of vehicles. Does he remember those names?" Ammu thought. "I will ask him about the vehicles near the school."
"Bittu, what are the vehicles near the school?"
"The school bus and a car," Bittu said.
Ammu was surprised to hear this. "Bittu is a good student," she thought. I will ask him about the vehicles far from the school.
"What are the vehicles far from the school?
"A jeep and an auto," sadi Bittu.

Page 29
Which is far, which is near

Page 30-31
Picture of vehicles
Group work
Let each child collect the pictures of any two vehicles and paste them in the space given in the textbook. Let them sit in groups and talk about the vehicles.

Page 32 
Sing and dance
Sing the song of the letters two or three times so that children get its tune and rhythm.


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