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13 Feb 2015

Where are you, Sweety? - 2nd Class English

Abhi and Meena are looking for the kitten, Sweety.

Meena is looking on the cupboard.

Abhi is looking under the cot.

Now they are looking for Sweety in the garden.

Suddenly they hear, ‘‘Mew mew.’’

Meena looks up. ‘‘Abhi, look! Sweety is on the tree.’’

Abhi says, ‘‘Oh, yes! She is on the top of the tree.’’

Meena says, ‘‘Poor Sweety! She can't come down!’’

Abhi and Meena run to their father, Mohan. Abhi requests his father, ‘‘Daddy, our Sweety is on the top of the tree.  Please bring  her down.’’

‘‘Ok... Ok... Don't worry,’’ says Mohan. He climbs on the tree. He brings Sweety down. Sweety runs to Abhi with joy.

Abhi and Meena say, ‘‘Thank you, daddy.’’



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