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13 Feb 2015

A visit to uncle's house - 2nd Class English

Siddu is happy.

He is going to Hyderabad with his father.

He is going to his uncle's house. Siddu and his father are in a cart. They ar going to the bus stand.

Now, they are in a bus. The bus is going to Hyderabad.
 Siddu : Is this bus going to Hyderabad?
Siddu's father: Yes, my son.

Why do you think Siddu is happy?

Tus...   ... sh ..   sh.. sh !

Suddenly, the tyres bursts.

The bus stops.

Siddu is sad.

What sound did the tyre produce ?
What made Siddu sad?
What will Siddu and his father do now?

People come out of the bus. They stand on the roadside.

Siddu :  How shall we go to Hyderabad, Nanna?
Siddu's father :  Wait and see.

They see a jeep coming. It stops in front of them. Siddu and his father get into it.

‘‘Dr... Dru...rrr...’’

But it does not start. Siddu and his father get down. They stand on the roadside. Siddu looks sad.

They see a bus coming. It stops in front of them. It is going to Hyderabad. They get into it. It moves.

Soon Siddu sees tall buildings, busy shopes, and many buses. and autos.

Siddu : Is it Hyderabad, Nanna?
Father :  Yes, Siddu. It is Hyderabad.

Soon the bus stops. Passengers start getting out of the bus.

Siddu : Nanna, how  far is my uncle's house?
Father :  Not very far.

They walk a few steps to reach his uncles's house. Uncle is standing at the door. He greets them and takes them inside. Siddu looks at the puppies and begins to play with them.


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