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19 Nov 2013


hai friends.
Happy to connected with naabadi..
I hope you too..

According to recent changes in evaluation system, we are implementing CCE in our schools for classes I to IX.

Big change in grading system occurred compared to LEP.
such as conducting hassle free FORMATIVES, giving weightage to child's responses,writings, projects.

Coming to SUMMATIVES hassle free grading, giving an overall grade instead of grading in each academic standard.

Major turn in CCE is awarding overall grade after correction of papers in terms of marks.

Many teachers have problems in calculating school grade and class grades.Many others have complaints in filling up SMF formats,

In PRIMARY, There is a wrong notion in calculating school grade, which is to find average marks. If we take averages it goes wrong because, in class I and II we have only 3 subjects and other classes have 4 subjects. There we have to use Max.marks formula or weighted average method.

I suggest you to use a fully automatic  software prepared by me for this grading system.This software helps you to calculate all these grades automatically after entering marks.

You can download it from NAABADI or from my school website
Happy teaching..

for Download PS CCE Grading Software  CLICK Here


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