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2 Dec 2013

Course: Learn Tenses Online

This is my Moodle site (Modular Object Oriented Learning Environment) here I designed (I took almost one year to accomplish this great “FEAT”) a sample course to my students i.e. Learn Tenses Online, this course consists of five parts 1.Reading (E-book, PPTs, referring online link or webpage) 2.Practice Test (an interactive test) 3.Test (Interactive exercises Ex: drag and drop) 4. Writing or discussion (posting to forum post). 5. Project (Application or linking the learning with the day to day life experience)
Duration of the course: 12 weeks
Individual logins (Student login, teacher login, course creator login, Parent login)
12 Practice tests, 12 Tests to check the understanding and one final test
Auto Grading
Live Chatting and Messaging
Individual Blogs
Issue of Badges during the course
E-certificate after completion of the course
Asynchronous Model
Interactive Exercises
Online Interactions (Synchronous) i.e. Webinar (Using BigBlueButton Tool)
Anyone interested to take the course or teach the Course, create an account and   send a Mail to me:


 Course: Learn Tenses Online


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