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3 Apr 2014

Excel Useful Softwares by B S Chary

          B. S. Chary Excel Programmes        
    Income Tax Programme 2013-2014       Excel-2003
    27% I R  Ready reckoner with Gross Salary
    Bio-Data for Un-Employees
    Updated CCE 2013-14 Grading Software For 6,7, 8th
    Updated CCE 2013-14 Grading Software for I to V
    Salary Certificate
    Last Pay Certificate ( LPC )
    Annual Grade Increment For 10 Members
    Relieving and Joining ( For Promotion and Transfer )
    Half Pay Leave Commutation with Paybill & Proceeding
    Half Pay Leave Proceeding with Pay bll
    Mid Day Meals Monthly Report For High School and Primary School
    Tour Diary for MEO, GHM, RPs
    Convert Numbers in to words Rupees
    E L Calculator
    EMI Calculator
    Age Calculator
    Find Day of any Date
    Income Tax Programme 2012 - 2013
    D A Ready Reckoner for any D A with CPS
    Calender For Any YEAR

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