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20 Aug 2014

Proc.Rc.No.13 Implementing Performance Indicators (PINDICS) of Teachers at Elementary Level

Proc.Rc.No.13/SSA/T6/2014 Dated:18.08.2014
  • Sub: Implementaion of Performance Indicators (PINDICS) of teachers prepared by NCERT by communicated by TSG-EDCIL in the schools at Elementary level in Telangana Stae - Certain instructions - Issued - Reg.
All  the  Project   Officers,  Sarva   Shiksha Abhyian in  the  Telangana State are informed that  NCERT has designed the performance  Indicators (PINDICS) to assess  the  performance and  progress of teachers periodically. It    consists    of   Performance     Standards  (PS),    specific    standards and performance  indicators.

In  this  context,  all  the  POs  are  informed  that   these   indicators   are based  on the provisions  in Sections  24,29  and the  schedule  specifying  norms and   standards  for  schools  in   the   RTE  Act  2009,   NCF-2005    and   SSA Framework-2011. These  PINDICS  have  to be used  by the  teachers as  self assessment   of performance and can be used for the  teacher  appraisal by the supervisory  staff to assess  and to provide constructive feedback for the improvement  of the teacher   performance.

In  view  of  the   above,   all  the   POs,  SSA  in  the   state   are   hereby instructed to take  necessary  steps  in the  implementation  of the  PINDICS  in the  schools for every  teacher  by making  available  PINDICS format  at  each school point  either  by printing  the PINDICS formats as per norms  at district level or by keeping  the  formats  in  district  official website  and  instruct the School  HMs  to  download  the  formats  and  appraise the  performance of the teachers as  per  the  guidelines   given  in  the  formats.   The  printing cost  of formats  shall be borne from the Management   cost of the DPO.

For implementation of performance indicators, two sets are designed, one set is at school level complex a) The importance of PINDICS, b) Procedure for use of PINDICS, c) Teacher information d) Performance indicators e) Teacher performance to be completed by Head Master, f) Consolidation sheet to be filled by Head Master. The second set  includes the  above components  mentioned in Set -  I and  consolidated  sheet  at School complex level  and  at  mandal level to be   filled  by school complex  HM and MEOs  respectively.

Further the  DPOs are  also requested to take  necessary  steps  to keep the  record  of  the  PINDICS   of every  teacher in  the  school  and  has  to  be appraised by School HM,  School complex HM and MEO periodically  for every three  months.  The same information of  performance  of each teacher have to be  furnished  in  QMT  tools  under   SMF  -   part-c    for  every  quarter  duly preserving the  filled in PINDICS  formats of each  teacher  at  school level for further  use / check.

For State Project Director
Proc.Rc.No.13 Implementing Performance Indicators PINDICS for TeachersviewDownload
School Level HM PINDICS FormatviewDownload
School Complex Level PINDICS FormatviewDownload
Mandal Level PINDICS FormatviewDownload


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