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30 Dec 2014

A Man of His Word

    Long long ago in Greece, there lived two friends called Damon and Pythian. One day some soldiers reported to the King that Pythias had spoken against him. The King becom very angry. "Arrest Pythias at once and put him in prison," said the King Pythias knew that what he said spoken was true. So he refused to take back words. And the King ordered Pythias must die.

    Damon went to see his fried in prison. "May I help you in any way?" he asked, "I wish I could die for you."

    "I am prepared to die," replied Pythias, "but before I die I would like to see my mother."

    Damon went to the King and begged him to allow Pythias to go home and see his mother. "I will die in his place if he doesn't return."

    The King agreed. Pythias went home while Damon took his place in prison. The day for Pythias to die arrived. The King sent for Damon. "Where is your friend? You trusted him too far. Now you must die for your foolish mistake," the King said. But Damon trusted his friend and said, "I know, Pythias could not come in time because of some serious problem. I am ready to die in his place."

    Then the soldiers prepared to hang Damon. Just then Pythias rushed into the palace and embraced Damon. "Thank God, I have arrived in time," he sighed. "Many problems delayed my return. I am sorry. But here I am!  Thank you for your trust and patience."

    The King was watching all this. He was moved to see how Pythias kept his word. "I have many people in my kingdom. But I have never found a man trustworthy as you. I am glad that I have at least one person who keeps his word. I spare your life. You are free to go home now."


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