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30 Dec 2014

Lollipop Lady

Lollipop lady, 
Lollipop lady,
Wave your magic stick
And make the traffic
Stop a while
So we can cross the street.
Rushing past
Have no time for little feet.

They hate to wait
Especially when late too
But We'll be late too
Except for you.
So Lollipop lady, 
Lollipop lady
In the middle of the street
Wave your magic stick
And make the traffic
Give way to little feet.
    ------John Agard


I. Answer the following questions.

1. Who do you think is the speaker? How old is he/she might be? Pick out the expression that suggests his/her age.

2. Who is the Lollipop Lady according to you ?

3. What is the Lollipop Lady expected to do?

4. Where are the children going?

5. Who do the words 'we' and 'you' refer to?

II. Here are some pairs of words ending with the same sound (rhyming words). Write some more pairs of rhyming words you know.

1. street - feet
2. wait - late
3. too - you
4. -----------
5. -----------
6. -----------
7. -----------
8. ------------

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