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31 Dec 2014

Superstitions Around the World

    It is very interesting to know that most superstitions have to do with luck. Some of them are very funny too. Sometimes an unlucky thing in one area is a lucky thing in another area.

    In Brazil they believe that walking under a ladder brings bad luck. The Australians believe that breaking a mirror is unlucky. People in Ireland say that one should never move back and forth an empty rocking chair. In Hawaii, fishermen believe that, bringing bananas on a boat would bring bad luck to them. And Hawaiians also believe that it is bad luck to give an empty purse to someone.

    Many people say giving or taking anything with left hand brings bad luck. What if a person is a left hander? Some people also believe that evil spirits are nearyby if a light blows out. But there might be an open window somewhere.

    Generally people say that sneezing while starting to go some place makes you reach the place late. What if the person who sneezes is suffering from a cold?

    You know that in many parts of the world coming across a black cat is  considered bad luck. But in The United Kingdom it is lucky to come across a black cat.

    In many parts of the world, Friday is an unlucky day. But in India most of the people believe that Friday is auspicious.

    People in Andhrapradesh do not like to start any new work on a new moon day. But Tamilians believe that it is good to start their special events on a moon day.

    For Chinese, number nine is lucky, while the Japanese consider it very unlucky. Aren't they really funny?

    Now can you say that what is lucky and what is unlucky?


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