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26 Mar 2015

A Flying Game - 5th Class Englsh
Children were having Pongal holidays.

They gathered in the ground.

Some of them were flying kites.

‘Hurrah! My kite is flying high. Look at it,’ shouted Mohan.

‘See, my kite is also flying high in the same height,’ cried Anil.

Mohan tightened the string over Anil’s kite and said to Anil, ‘Now see, how my kite will cut your kite.’Saying this Mohan pulled the string down.

Next second, the string of Anil’s kite was cut.

‘You fool, why did you cut my kite?’saying Anil started crying.

Slowly his kite started falling on the ground.

‘Don’t cry man! It’s all part of the game.’

After some time they saw another kite soaring very high in the sky. It looked like a bright star in the sky.

In a few seconds it was over Mohan’s kite.

Mohan turned his head and saw Raju flying that beautiful kite.

‘Oh! Raju, is it your kite? Wow, how beautiful it is!’ exclaimed Anil.

‘Yes! It’s mine.’ Saying this Raju tightened the string  and  pulled  it back slightly.

 It cut the string of Mohan’s kite. Mohan started crying.

‘Don’t cry man, it’s all part of the game,’  Anil  said mockingly.

Next, Raju cut three more kites.

All children gathered round Raju.

‘Hey, Raju, how… how could your kite cut all the kites?’

‘Yes.., yes my kite can cut all the kites in the village. I’m proud of it. Look kids! The manja, I applied to the string of my kite. It made the string so sharp and stiff.’ said Raju proudly.

‘Where did you buy the manja and the kite,’ enquired Mohan.

‘My brother has made it for me.’

‘Great! How  did  Shekaranna make  the manja?’ asked Anil.

‘It is made out of fine glass powder.’

‘What about this beautiful kite?’ asked Mohan.

‘Anna made it with newspaper.’

‘What, newspaper! Impossible!’

‘How can we make kites with newspapers?’ said, Ravi surprisingly.

‘Sure, why not? Anna is planning to make a huge fighter kite with the newspaper only. We’ll fly it on Sankranti day.’


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