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26 Mar 2015

Glenn Cunningham - 5th Class English
       I was  a good  runner.  In  races  at school, I ran faster than my friends. ‘I want to become the fastest runner in the world,’ I told myself.

      One day, there was a big fire at my school. I was burnt very badly. My legs were burnt more than any other part of my body. The doctors looked at my legs and said that I would not be able to run again.

      ‘I want to run!’ shouted I. ‘I want to run!’

      ‘You will not be able to run,’ said the doctors. ‘You should be happy if you can walk.’

      But I did not listen to the doctor. ‘I won’t give up,’ I told myself. ‘I’ll run!’

      I was in bed for a year. When I got up, I tried to walk. I fell down. But I did not give up. I kept trying.

      At last I was able to walk. The doctors were surprised. Then I started to run again. Soon I could run faster than my friends.

      Later, I became the fastest runner of my time. I showed that anything could be done, if we tried hard enough.

-Glenn Cunningham


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