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8 Apr 2015

The Colourful Sweets - 5th Class English

The Colourful Sweets (
     Once King Krishna Deva Raya ordered  that  the  kingdom  of Vijayanagar would  have  a  food festival. The  city was  cleaned up. Lights were put up on buildings and street  poles. Flowers  adorned  the palace and house gates. Throughout the capital, people were in a festive mood.

     King Krishna Deva Raya announced, ‘To celebrate the food festival, the sweet  shops must  sell  colourful sweets. They should be attractive to look at and good to eat.’

     After the announcement, the sweet shop owners also got busy in making colourful sweets.

     For  some  days, Tenali Rama Krishna was not seen in the royal court. The king sent guards to search for him and bring him to the court, but they could not find him. They went to the court and reported this to the king. The King  grew worried  and  asked  the guards to search more carefully. After some days,  the guards  found Tenali Rama  Krishna.  They  went  and informed the king.

     ‘Your Majesty, we have found Tenali Rama Krishna. He  has  opened  a  shop  of colour dyes and spends  the whole day dyeing people’s clothes. When we asked him to accompany us, he refused to come with us.’

     At this the king got very angry. He said to the guards,‘I order you  to  bring Tenali Rama Krishna  here  as  soon  as possible. If he does not come with you, bring him forcefully.’

     So the guards obeyed the king’s order and fetched Tenali Rama Krishna forcefully.

     Thus he was brought to the royal court. The king enquired, ‘Tenali Rama Krishna, why did you refuse to come and see me? And what has made you open this colour dye shop? You have a good position in the royal court which takes care of all your needs.’

     Tenali Rama Krishna said, ‘Your Majesty, I wanted to dye my clothes for the food festival. I wanted to complete the dyeing quickly before all the dyes were used up.’

     ‘Why do you  think  that  all  the colour  dyes would  be  used  up?  Is everyone dyeing their clothes?’

     ‘No, your Majesty. Actually, after your  orders  for  preparing  colourful sweets, the sweet shop owners are busy buying the colour dyes for dyeing sweets. If they buy all the dyes, how can I dye my clothes? So I decided to set up a shop, so that I would have all the dyes I need.’

     At  this  the  king  realized  his mistake. He said, ‘So you are trying to tell me that using my orders as an excuse,  the sweet shop owners are using  cheap, harmful dyes  in  their sweets. They know that they must use the permitted food colours only. I hereby take back the orders for colourful sweets. Those sweets shop owners who have used harmful chemical dyes in sweets will be severely punished.’

     Thus once again Tenali Rama Krishna saved the lives of people of Vijayanagar through an intelligent plan.


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