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3 Aug 2015

1st Class English TextBook Rhymes - MP3s(Audio)

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1st Class English TextBook Rhymes - MP3s(
Sl.No. Rhyme Page No. in Textbook Status
1 This is my Grandmother ......... Page No. 7 Get MP3 Rhyme
2 Amma, Amma, where is 'A'? Page No. 16 Get MP3 Rhyme
3 Come, little children, come ....     Page No. 18 Get MP3 Rhyme
4 Here is the bus. It goes on the road Page No. 23 Get MP3 Rhyme
5 Will you show  me Where 'E'? Page No. 32 Get MP3 Rhyme
6 Here is squirrel sitting on my head. Page No. 44 Get MP3 Rhyme
7 Tell me Tell me Where is 'I'? Page No. 50 Get MP3 Rhyme
8 Wash, Wash, Wash your hands. Page No. 60 Get MP3 Rhyme
9 We read at school. We read and .... Page No. 66 Get MP3 Rhyme
10 Grandpa, grandpa, Where is 'M'? Page No. 69 Get MP3 Rhyme
11 Brush your teeth brush your teeth Page No. 77 Get MP3 Rhyme
12 Little Bittu has a Bag Eieio....... Page No. 83 Get MP3 Rhyme
13 Will you show me where 'Q' is ? Page No. 89 Get MP3 Rhyme
14 U V W, u v w Do you know Page No. 106 Get MP3 Rhyme
15 There are apples Big and round Page No. 116 Get MP3 Rhyme


  1. Very nice of you ........ keep going Srinu Sir

  2. good job sir.... but better to prepare also 2nd to 5th class rhymes mp3 lyrics...

  3. nice and good and done by you a great job please sir prepare 2 to 5 classes also these very useful for learning ,,,
    and send updates of your jobs