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4 Sep 2015

TS Rc.No.405 - Summative Assessment-I Examination Shedule and Instructions

Rc. No. 405/D/C&T/SCERT/2015,           Dated: 02.09.2015
Sub: SCERT, Telangana, Hyderabad – Communicating the examination schedule for Summative Assessment-I during October, 2015 and other instructions – Orders issued – Reg.
Ref: 1. Govt. Memo No. 1840/SE.Prog.II/A2/2015, Dated: 09.06.2015.
2. Academic Calendar for the year 2015-16.
* * *
All the RJDSEs and DEOs in the State are hereby informed that vide reference cited, orders have been issued for the conduct of two Summative Assessments in an academic year along with other instructions pertaining to vacation, trainings, School Complex Meetings etc. Accordingly, the academic calendar was developed and provided to all schools along with dates for the conduct for Formative and Summative Assessments.

Following is the schedule for conduct of Summative Assessment-I.
Primary Schools - Examination schedule:
S.No. Date Subject
1 03-10-2015 First Language
2 05-10-2015 English
3 06-10-2015 Mathematics
4 07-10-2015 EVS
5 08-10-2015
Issuing valued answer scripts to the childrenand discussion on the gaps. Analysis ofcompetency-wise children performance andgaps by the teachers. Writing action plan toimprove the situation.
Upper Primary & High Schools - Examination schedule:
S.No. Date Classes VI to VIII Classes IX & X
1 03-10-2015 First Language Mathematics Paper-I
- Mathematics Paper-I
2 05-10-2015 Second Language Physical Science Paper-I
- Biological Science Paper-II
3 06-10-2015 Third Language Social Studies Paper-I
- Social Studies Paper-II
4 07-10-2015 Mathematics First Language Paper-I
- First Language Paper-II
5 08-10-2015 General Science/
Physical Science-VIII
English Paper-I
Biological Science-VIII
English Paper-II
6 09-10-2015 Social Studies Second Language
- -
The teachers must take up valuation of answer scripts immediately after completion of the exam duly following the indicators of the valuation being issued during March, 2015. The valued answer scripts must be given to the children on 26th October, 2015 without fail and enter in the Cumulative Records. The Cumulative Records must be issued to the children on 27th October, 2015 duly conducting parents meeting. All the Headmasters must ensure this and implement the schedule without fail. The Headmaster shall conduct a review meeting on the performance of the children in all the subjects with subject teachers and discuss the gaps and action plan to improve the children performance. Minutes of this review meeting must be recorded and Headmaster should follow up the action plan.

Following are the further instructions for the conduct of the examinations.
  1. All the DEOs shall take up printing of question papers both for Primary and Secondary i.e. class I to V and classes VI to X under DCEB.
  2. The amount for printing of question papers for Elementary Level i.e. classes I to VIII shall be from SSA funds. The amount will be met from SSA funds as per last year 2014-15 norms.
  3. It is found that the question paper quality is very poor and newsprint is used during last year and prior to it. Because of this, the maps and diagrams possess no clarity and great confusion for the children. Poor paper quality impacts quality of the printing. Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to use 60 GSM, white paper.
  4. The question papers from classes VI to X must be packed subject-wise and school-wise and provided in advance to the schools. In case of question papers at Primary Level shall be packed subject-wise for each Mandal. Utmost care need to be taken up and examination must be conducted in a serious manner. Certain incidents happened during last year and papers have been published in newspapers in advance in some Districts. This shall not be repeated.
  5. Every District shall possess its own paper. Since SCERT edited the District-wise question papers and the same may be used. There is slight modification in the model of English language paper which was mailed to all the DEOs on 2nd September, 2015 and the same may be got printed and used.
  6. Instructions have already been issued for cross checking the internal marks in both government and private schools and verify the marks with actual children records by way of sending expert teams of Headmasters under each Dy.EO. This shall be done twice in the year i.e. after SA1 and after SA2.
  7. Instructions have already been issued to strengthen the DCEB with identified expert teachers and develop question papers in a workshop mode duly involving the SRGs and other textbook writers. But this was not taken up seriously and individual teachers were asked to prepare question papers at their house and the same is being used. Most of the question papers in the Districts found repetition of questions given in earlier examinations. The remuneration for the paper setter/ workshop etc. shall be as decided by the DEO of the District. Therefore, all the DEOs are requested to focus on academic matters and examinations seriously.
  8. All the private schools recognized by the Govt. of Telangana and following State curriculum and syllabus shall use the question papers from DCEB and follow the same schedule. All the DEOs must ensure this.
  9. The question papers from classes VI to VIII are four (4) pages in addition to two (2) pages objective type. No pinning is required. Objective type paper may be given along with main question paper to the students. Students may answer objective type in the same question paper.
Therefore, all the RJDSEs and DEOs are requested to follow above instructions and conduct the examinations seriously and issue Cumulative Records to the children on 27th October, 2015 duly conducting parents meeting for Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools.

Director of School Education


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