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25 Mar 2016

How to download Flash Videos from

1st Class Interactive Flash Lessons || 6th Class - 7th Class - 8th Class - 9th Class - 10th Class Flash Videos || Methodology Videos
How to download Flash Videos from

Som people asks how to download these videos. I suggest some  Instruction to  download flash videos in simple way
How to download Flash Videos from

  1. First we open the videos link
  2. And we open NotePad, type the link
  3. Type the Class What we select in First Dropdownl list after above link in Notepad (Figure CLASS-VI) Now we get the link now
  4. Type subject what we select in Second Dropdown list after above link (Figure ENGLISH). Now we get the link now
  5. Now cick on Get Videos button, then videos list diplayed below.
  6. Select the Video name and copy and paste after above link (Figure   half the price-375.flv). Now we get the whole link the price-375.flv
  7. Now copy the whole link paste in address bar in browser and enter, automatically download the video. If not download the video we use Internet Download manager or free download mananger. see the above picture.
Now open and download the videos


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