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12 Apr 2016

TS SSA GIS Android App Download

TS SSA GIS Android App Download(
MOBILE APP. FOR SSA, TS (Works for Android mobiles only)

Follow the below steps while working with this app.
  1. Before logging into application, make sure to enable Internet connection (Mobile data) and GPS(Location) activation (Otherwise the application does not work).
  2. After enabling the Mobile data & GPS location, wait for few minutes to start the app. Once Mobile data & GPS are enabled then only you have to start the app.
  3. User can logon to the app. by using their childinfo application school level credentials.
  4. Take the School Photographs in horizontal mode.
  5. If the above procedure is not followed, we may not get accurate Geo-Coordinates.
At a time, only two photographs can be captured. User can repeat the process to capture more than 2 photographs per school.

The following photographs are to be uploaded:-
1.School Building
2.Compound Wall
3.Toilets-Boys &Girls
4.Drinking Water
6.Kitchen Shed
8.Lab (Science /Computer)

Now, Click Here to Download the GIS App


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