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25 Sep 2016

Listenig and Speaking - A source book For Teachers of EM Primary School

Unit-1 :.Listening and Speaking

Listening and Speaking are the most crucial areas while learning to communicate in a foreign language. There are many varieties ofEnglish which creates a kind ofambiguity, a variety as a model to follow in the classroom processes is very difficult. As of now, our aim is to make the teacher  comfortable in using English in various classroom situations along with some day to day activities wecome across.

Listening and speaking can’t be taught but only be developed by exposing the learner to various authentic audio-visual material and creating situations. for them to listen and speak naturally on the exposure provided. Initially, listening and speaking have got nothing to do with formal grammar rules and specific vocabulary. Listening is a natural way to learn English. Through listening to English, the learners are led naturally into speaking. By listening to various utterances, learner gradually develops the ability to produce and use language and to interact with others in extension.

Learning to Listen:
When learners listen in English, they are actively engaged in making sense of what they hear and construct language to speak.

Hence, this short course is intended to expose the learners either to some authentic listening material in the form ofaudio, video and model input.

While Listening...
• Learners become familiar with the rhythm, sounds and intonation of English.
• Learners recognize, understand and initially respond to language nonverbally before they produce something verbally.

• Through continuous exposure of listening materials, learners get farniliarized with meaning making process rather than going with mere isolated sounds.

Learning to Speak:
Speaking is a complex skill. Our natural instinct to imitate the mother tongue while speaking English may lead us to speak in an unintelligible manner that would not serve the purpose of learning and communicating in English. Speaking skills are broadly divided into two areas.

1. Oral Interaction
*Ability to ask and answer questions
*Able to converse with others.

2.Oral Production.
* Ability to produce language. (Ex: a rhyme, description, telling a story etc.)

It is important to develop both the areas for promoting effective speaking in English.

How do we Go...
  • Motivation: One should have strong intention *I want to listen and speak*
  • Purpose: Your purpose o f the language function has to be clear.
  • Preparation: Select proper linguistic input.
  • Listen to the input: Pay attention to the rhythm, sound and intoantion while listening.
  • Meaning making process: While participating, the purpose should be given utmost importance.
  • Speak to express on what you have listened to


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