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7 Dec 2017

Memo No D1/2977/2017 || Making Aadhaar and PAN as Mandatory for all NPS Accounts- seed the Data


Cir.Memo No. D1/2977/2017 Date: 01-12-2017.

Sub:-National Pension System-Amendment to PMLA Act-Making Aadhaar and PAN as Mandatory for all NPS Accounts- seed the Data - Reg.

Sub:-1.File No.PFRDA/|7/08/11/0021/2017-SUP-SG,Dt.05.09.2017
of the PFRDA
2.Lr.No.CT/SS/AKD/AND/SKS/2O1755028, Dt.07.011.2017 of the NSDL

Attention of the Deputy Directors/District Treasury officers in the State are invited to the subject and reference cited. They are informed that an amendment was made under  Prevention of Money Laundering ltutuittt.nuttce of Records) Second Amendment Rules,  2017,wherein both Aadhai and PAN have been made mandatory for existing as well as to new  accounts to be opened under NPS and they are required to submit their Aadhar and PAN information  by 31 -12-2017 to the CRA.

As per as per the instructions of the PFRDA, in case the Aadhaar and PAN is not provided to CRA System by 31.12.2017, all such NPS/CPS accounts would cease to be operational till the time the Aadhar Number and PAN is submitted. In case, where a  subscriber who does not have PAN then,form No.60 may be collected.

The NSDL CRA has made available the facility for subscribers to seed AADHAAR in their respective PRANs by logging into CRA System (either on a PC or through  mobile application). Once logged in the  System, the subscribers have to enter their AADHAAR in the specified field and submit the same for generation of a one Time Password (OTP) which is to be subsequently entered in the designated field.

Once the OTp is authenticated, primary AADHAR seeding request is initiated
and the same needs to be authorized by the DTO under which the subscriber is mapped and then the AADHAAR seeding will be completed successfully.

Hence, all the Deputy Directors/District Treasury officers in the State are hereby requested to

1. Instruct the Treasury officers working under their jurisdiction to obtain Xerox copies of Aadhar and PAN card of the subscribers duly attested by the DDO concerned and to update/authorize the details in the NPSCAN portal. If the subscriber does not mapped to the STo/PAO, then instruct to shift the PRANs to their end and to update the details.

2. Furnish the updated details of subscribers in the proforma enclosed in Ms-Excel format to this Office by 23.12.2017.

Sd/- K.SRC Murthy
Director of Treasuries and Accounts (FAC)

Click Here to Get Cir.Memo No. D1/2977/2017 Date: 01-12-2017.


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