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25 Apr 2018

Snoopy goes to School || Unit-4 || 2nd Class English || US Phonetic || Audio and Video

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2nd class English
Snoopy comes to school

Snoopy comes to school. He wants to see Siddu.

Snoopy goes to the head master's room. Siddu is not there.

Snoopy goes to class-V. Siddu is not there too.

Snoopy goes to class-IV. Siddu is not  there even.

Snoopy goes to class-III. He does not find Siddu there also. Snoopy looks sad.

Snoopy goes to class-II. He finds Siddu sitting there. Snoopy is happy.

He goes to Siddu and sits beside him. The children laugh. Siddu says, "Friends, he is my pet, Snoopy. I love him very much. Siddu's friends give some biscuits to Snoopy.

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