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7 May 2020

Lr.N.22/B-/2020 S.S.C. Public Examinations, March, 2020 - Steps to be followed For peacful and orderly conduct of the remaining Examinations due to COVID 19

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All the Collectors & District
Magistrates in the State.

Lr.N.22/B-/2020. dated:06 -05-2020

Sub:- S.S.C. Public Examinations, March, 2020 - Steps to be followed For peacful and orderly conduct of the remaining Examinations due to COVID 19 -Reg.

Ref:- 1) Press meet conducted by the Hon bie Chief Minister dt. 05-05-2020.
2) W.P (PIL) No.53 of 2020 dt.20-03-2020 in the Hon’ble High Court of Telangana at Hyderabad.
3) G.O.Ms.No.54 General Administration (COVID) Department dated 28-03-2020.
4) G.O.Ms.No.60 General Administration (COVID) Department dated 19-04-2020

This is to inform that the SSC Public Examinations, March, 2020 were scheduled to be conducted from 19-03-2020 to 06-04-2020. Three initial Examinations were completed. Examination’s scheduled from 23-03-2020 to 06-04-2020 were postponed as per the directions of the Hon’ble High Court due to lockdown on account of COVID 19 Pandemic the remaining Examinations were Postponed by the Government.

I would also like to inform that Honblc Chief Minister has announced to conduct the SSC Public Examinations in the month of May, 2020 with the permission of the Hon’ble High Court of Telangana.

In this regard the following information is required for submission to the Hon bie High Court to enable the learned advocate General to scck permission for conduct of examinations.

1. ldentification of the Additional Exmination Centers:
A Total of 5, 34,903 candidates are appearing at 2530 examination centres. This works out to an average of 200 to 220 candidates per center. As per this arrangement two candidates are seated per bench / per row. However in view of the COVII) 19 situation and mandate for maintaining physical distance It sa proposed that only one candidate be seated per bench / per row in zig gag pattern. Hence the examination centres have to be doubled to ensure the above. Hcnc you are requested to ensure that additional examination Centres BFC identified in order to fulfill the above norms near existing centres. A Video Conference was held by me on 6/3/2020 and detailed Instructions have already been issued to the District Educational Officer’s. This may be kindly ensured and the information submitted in the enclosed format.

2. AppoIntment of Chief Superintendents Dep.rtjn.ntsj Officers, Invigilators and other Staff involved In the Examination duties at the newly constituted additional Centers.

Instructions have already been given to the District Educational Officers to arrange and appoint the required number of additional staff i.e., Chief Superintendents, Departmental Officers, Invigilators and other Staff. Such information may also be submitted.

3. ProvidIng sufficient Furniture and the logistics at the newly constituted Center..
District Educational Officer’s are instructed to provide required furniture and other requirements to the additional examination centres from nearby Schools.

You are requested to kindly review the above & other arrangements & furnish detailed informadon in the checklist enclosed by 09/05/2020 positively. Matter may be kindly treated as urgent.

Yours faithfully,
Special Chief Secretary to Govt.

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