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12 Nov 2013

Bridging the Gap


        The survey conducted during the month of March 2013, on classroom transaction process in English at Primary and U.P. level revealed the following facts.
  • Majority of the teachers and children liked the text book, but they expressed their inability to transact the lessons because of the low proficiency of the children.
  • 2. The orientation on new textbooks and handbooks was not conducted effectively.
  • Most of the teachers have not followed the classroom transactional process suggested in the handbook.
  • Most of the teachers felt that they are not equipped to make their children ready to us the textbook.
  • Most of the teachers are not familiar with the new pedagogy of teaching English.
  • Most of the teachers felt that experiential mode of training and special strattegies for low proficient learners are required.
Keeping in view the above facts, it has been decided to work out with a special package to eqiuped the children acquire essential competencies in English so that they can make use of the new textbook creatively; this be especially helpful for the children form mother tongue medium. It may be noticed that the classroom process and activities suggested in the special package have been tried out successfully in 42 Government Primary schools Narkatpally Mandal, of Nalgonda district with a rural background with extremely challenging situation like the following:
  • First generation learners
  • Single teacher handling more than one division
  • Lack of proper ambience at school in terms of classroom space, toilets facilities, etc.
  • Teachers with relatively inadequate language apparatus
  • Teachers with traditional belief system regarding the teaching of English


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