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12 Nov 2013

General Guidelines for Summative Assessment(English)

Areas of Assessment for English have been categorized under 6 domains: They are
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Convention of Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Creative Expressions(Discourses): (a) Oral (b) Written
  1. In summative assessment 20% of marks are allotted to oral test and 80%  of marks are allotted to written test. The summative question paper for classes 3-5 should be prepared for 40 marks and the test is to be conducted accordingly.
  2. Under Oral test 10% of marks are allotted for listening and speaking and reamaining 10%  of marks are allotted for oral discourses that are targetted in each class.
  3. The weightage of marks for each domain is different in summative assessment. The question paper should be prepared accordingly and proper grades are to be awarded.
  4. The test items should not be in discrete components. They should be in a holistic way. Hence narrative is the best tool to assess the children's performance in different domains of language. Narrative gapes should be provided where children can think and write a discourse under the given task.
  5. Narrative should be continued and another task has to be given based on the narrative.
  6. The same narrative gap provides a chance for children to think differently on the basis  of their experiences and present them in their own language. Hence each child presents their views differently.
  7. While preparing the question paper, the teacher should have a clear idea about the discourse targetted in each class. Refer the Teacher's handbook for class wise targeted discourses.
  8. Conventions of writting and Grammar should be pleced under the task of editing. A discourse shall be given with five or ten errors and marks shall be awarded accordingly. Grades should be awarded under their respective heading or columns of conventions of writting and grammar.
  9. The narratives should be taken either from the textbook by extending the events or from outside the textbook on the basis of the themes of the textbook.
  10. Each task should carry 5 amrks. If you want it in two parts, then it will be 2and 1/2  marks each, but you should award a single grade for each task. Under each competence one or more tasks may be given.
  11. The weightage given under the written discourses is 40%., which means 20 marks in each class 3 to 5. After evalution of the answer scripts, all marks given for written discourses should be added and a single grade is to be awarded.
  12. While evaluating the answer scripts the indicators for each discourse under each class should be kept in mind and marks to be awarded accordingly.


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