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13 Feb 2015

My village fair - 2nd Class English

Abhi and his grandfather are in the village fair. Sweety, his pet kitten is also with him.

Abhi : Grandpa, look there. Balloons! Big balloons and small ones, too.
Grandpa : Yes. They are in many colours.
Abhi : They are so beautiful! I want them.
Grandpa : What colours do you like?
Abhi : Ilike red and green.
Grandpa : Okay! Take one red balloon and one green one, too.

1. What other colour balloons Abhi might have seen?
2. What colours do you like?

Abhi, grandfather and Sweety are going to the next shop.

Abhi : Grandpa, look there. So many toys! I want a toy.

1. Which toys do you see in the toy shop?
2. Which toys do you like?
3. Which toy do you think will Abhi ask for?

Grandpa : Which toy do you want?
Abhi : I want a toy car.
Grandpa : Alright. Take one of them.

Now, they see a toy rat in the shop.
Sweety looks at it and jumps on it.

Why did Sweety jump on the toy rat?

There is a big dog sitting near the rat.
Sweety looks at the dog and runs away.

Why did Sweety run away?

Abhi runs after the kitten. ‘‘Stop Sweety, stop!’’
‘‘It's not a real dog. It's only a toy dog,’’ shouts Abhi.
‘‘Abhi, catch Sweety!’’ grandfather says.
Abhi catches Sweety.
Now they see ice-creams.
Grandfather buys ice-creams for Abhi and Sweety.
They see a merry-go-round. Children on the merry-go-round are shouting with joy.
Suddenly Abhi sees a big tiger. He holds his grandfather's hand tightly.
Many children are laughing at the tiger. Abhi is confused.

Abhi : Is it a tiger, grandpa?
Grandpa : No, Abhi. He is a man painted as a tiger.
Abhi : He is walking and jumping like a tiger.

Sweety, Abhi and grandpa have a lot of fun at the fair.


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