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16 Feb 2015

Class Theatre - Process

Classroom Theatre
Theatre as a pedagogic tool for facilitating the development of language proficiency. Monst of the lesson in primary classes are stories. These well easily yield classroom theatre. The process of working out classroom theatre is given below:

  1. Process
  2. Why Theatre in English Class
  3. The Theoretical aspects of Narratives
  4. Textbook to the Theatre
  5. Working on Social Issues and Themes
  6. Role-plays and Dramas
  7. Choreography, a Multifaceted Tool
1. Process
Elicit responses to questions like the following:
  1. Where is the story taking place?
  2.  Who are the characters?
  3.  What are the events/ actions narrated in the story ?
  4.  What are the characters saying or thinking ?
Let children sit in groups and plan the drama.
Ask one group to enact the drama.
Initiate a discussion on the drama
Did the actors include all the dialogues in the story?
Did they add any dialogues of their own?
Did the groupact out all the events in the story?
Did they add any events?
Could the audience understand where the events were taking place?
All the groups have already planned the drama.
Do you want to make any changes in the plan before presenting the drama?
Let the groups to rework on the drama if necessary.
Ask one more group to act out the drama.

Initiate further discussion.
What are your observations on the present performance?
How many scenes will be required ? Why ?
Do you want to include some actions in the drama ?
What are the slots where you can include them?
How will you state the mood of a character at a certain moment in the drama?
How can we improve the presentation ?
Initiate a discussion on the indicatiors for the performance of the drama.
Consolidate the indicators on a flip chart.
Ask the remaining groups to present the drama.
Give positive feedback.


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