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17 Feb 2015

Unit-3: AMMU'S SCHOOL - Class I Page wise Narrative

Pages 36 and 37
Children at school

Ammu and Bittu are walking to the school. They are talking about the places near the school. Ammu says, "Hurry up, Bittu. We will be late to the school." Bittu started running. Ammu ran behind Bittu. Now they are at the school gate.

Page 38
Ammu meets Eswar
The school bell rang. Eswar, Ammu's friend saw Ammu standing near the gate. 'Why is she still standing at the gate. I will tell her hurry up,' thought Eswar.

"Hi, Ammu! Hurry up! The bell is ringing."

Ammu looked at Eswar and said, "Hello Eswar. I am coming."
Bittu saw Ammu talking to Eswar. "Who is this boy?" Bittu thought.

Page 39
Bittu in the class

Ammu hurried to her class. She kept her bag on the desk. Then she started running towards the prayer ground. Bittu followed her. Ammu saw Bittu following her. She wanted to keep Bittu in the bag as she was going for the prayer. She took Bittu into her hands, patted it and said, "Bittu, sit in the bag. I am going to the prayer ground."
"OK. Come fast," said Bittu.

Page 40
Ammu's classroom

Ammu went to prayer leaving Bittu in the bag. Bittu was alone in the class. He sat in the bag silently for some time. Then he slowly peeped out of the bag. There was no one in the class. He came out from the bag. He looked around. He looked at the table, the chair, black board and the other things in the classroom.
He was seeing a class room for the first time.
"Oh! This is  Ammu's class room."

Page 41
Let's catch the squirrel

After the prayer the children rushed into the class. Bittu did not notice the children. He was looking at the picture charts. But Ganga saw him. She was surprised to see squirrel is the class.
"Look, a squirrel in the class." she shouted. She wanted to catch it. "Let's catch it."
Eshwar knew that it was Ammu's squirrel. He had seen it in Ammu's hand. He said, "This is Ammu's squirrel."

Page 42
The squirrel in colours

Bittu saw all the children standing around him. He got scared. He looked for Ammu. Fatima saw Bittu moving towards Eswar. She said, "Eshwar, catch the squirrel."
"I'll try," said Eshwar.

Page 43
Bittu and the children

Eshwar tried to catch Bittu. Bittu jumped on to a table. There were several bottles of colours on the table. The colours in the bottles spilled out. Bittu's body was covered with the colours.
Bittu jumped here and there in the class. The children screamed and shouted. Some of them ran after Bittu.

Page 44
Bittu, the painter

Bittu saw the colours spilled out. He looked at the children. He was scared more. He wanted to run away by jumping on Hari's head. Hari screamed. Looking at the squirrel on his head he said, "The squirrel is sitting on my head."


Here is the squirrel
Sitting on my head
Now my head is red in colour.
Ganga also sang
Here is the squirrel
Jumping on my knee
Now my knee is blue in colour.

Page 45
Sing a song

Encourage children to add lines to the song by substituting words for the other parts of the body. The pictures will help them to generate ideas. You can help them by supplying th words required in English.

Page 46
Where is Bittu?

Bittu was jumping on every one leaving some colour on them. Ammu entered the class not knowing what had happened. She looked for Bittu. She heard the children screaming, "Catch the squirrel". She saw Bittu sitting on Kamala's hands. Bittu saw Ammu.
"Hey Bittu. What are you doing? Come here," Ammu said to Bittu.
She watched Bittu jumping here and there. Bittu was on Ganga's knee. She screamed and pushed it away. Then it Bittu jumped onto Hari's head. Hari shouted and pushe it away. Then it jumped onto Indu's nose. Indu was frightened. She screamed. Bittu also was frightened. He jumped onto John's shoulder and then onto Kamala's back.

Page 47
Ammu catches Bittu.

Ammu asked Bittu to come back. But Bittu was scared. He was looking at the children.
Then Ammu said,"Bittu, don't get scared. They are all my friends."
Bittu was in half mind. He looked at the children again. They were all looking at him. He jumped onto the desk. Then he jumped onto a bench.
"They may not hurt me," Bittu thought.
"Come Bittu, come to me," said Ammu again.

Page 48
Bittu is happy

Bittu came running to Ammu -- Ammu took him into her hands.
Bittu looked at Ammu.
"Please don't chase him," She said to her friends. "He is just like us. He is small. He is scared."
She patted the squirrel saying, "Don't get scared."
Bittu felt safe in the hands of Ammu.
Ammu saw their teacher coming to the class. Ammu did not know what to do with Bittu. She thought, "Where shall I keep Bittu now?"

Page 49 to 52


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