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25 Feb 2015

Unit-4: AMMU AND HER FRIENDS AT SCHOOL - Class I Page wise Narrative


Page 47
Colour the Picture

Pages 54 and 55
We are learning

Page 56
Here comes, our teacher

Ammu saw the teacher coming into the class. Ammu wanted to hide Bittu. But she was afraid. What will happen if Bittu comes out again from the bag?
But she had no other way left before her. She put Bittu back in the bag.
"Bittu don't come out again. Our teacher is coming," she said to Bittu.
Bittu looked at Ammu and whispered. "OK, I will sit in the bag."

Page 51
Teacher in the class

The teacher entered the class. She went to the table to keep her books. She saw the colour bottle turned over and colours spilled out all over the table. She turned back to ask children what had happened. She  saw colours on their clothes, faces, hands, legs, hair, neck and  all over their body.
'They have played with the colours,' she thought.

"What si this? Go and wash yourselves."

Page 58
The colour I like

The children came out of the class.
They walked towards the water tap. They looked at each other. They looked funny with colours on their body.
John looked at his arm and said, "My arm is red. I like this colour." All the children started talking about the colours they liked.

Saleem said, "I like green colour."

Page 59
Page 60
Children at the water tap

Now the children are at the water tap. They are washing the colour on their hands, legs and face. Fathima and Ganga are looking at each other. They talk about the colour they have on their body.
"Ganga, there is blue colour on your neck," said Fatima.
Ganga smiled and said, " I am washing my neck. Look, there is red colour on your leg."
"I am washing my led," said Fatima.

Page 61
Song at the water tap

Eswar also was at the water tap. He liked the colour very much. But he had to wash it. Otherwise the teacher will not allow him to sit in the class.
"I have to wash my hands," he thought. So he started washing his hands. While washing he watched the colour flowing out along with water. He liked it very much. And he started singing.

Wash wash
Wash your hands
This is the way I wash my hands, wash my hands
Hearing these others also stated singing.

Page 62
Adding lines
Page 63
Page 64
I am story

The teacher saw Ammu sitting alone in the class with fear. Teacher called Ammu near her. Ammu walked solely towards the teacher. Bittu peeped out of the bag thinking that the teacher would punish Ammu for bringing him into the class. Teacher saw Bittu colours all over his body.
"Is it your squirrel?" the teacher asked.
"Yes teacher," Answered Ammu.
"You have brought a squirrel into the class. See what it has done."
Ammu felt sorry for what had happened.
"I am sorry for what had happened.
"I am sorry teacher."
"Don't bring pets into the class."

Page 65
Draw your pet and talk about it.
The children are in the class room now. The teacher tells the children, "You much not tease the animals. They like us. We must treat them with love. Do you all have pets at home? Children say something about pets."

Things we do at school

Page 67
Sing the song

The bell rings. All children come out. They are singing a song. We are at school.

Page 67
Add lines to the song


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