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8 Mar 2015

Unit-5:THINGS I DO - Class I Page wise Narrative

Page 71
Things I do. Colour the Picture

Page 74

Ammu and Bittu are coming home from school. Bittu is sitting on Ammu's shoulder. Ammu is telling Bittu, "I told you not to come out of the bag. See what happened".

"Sorry, Ammu," said Bittu. Suddenly he screamed. A big crow was trying to peck at Bittu.
"Ammu, help me. That crow will kill me," cried Bittu.
"Don't worry. I will drive it away," said Ammu.
Ammu drove the crow away.
The crow flew away.
Where are Ammu and Bittu now?
What do you see in the picture?
Will the crow peck at Bittu?
How will Ammu drive the crow away>

Page 75
Ammu is back

The crow came back. Bittu was scared. He cried again, "Look, Ammu! The crow has come back.
Ammu picked up some pebbles and threw at the crew. The crow came towards Ammu. It was trying to peck at Ammu. This time Ammu too was scared. She ran into the house.
But after some time it came back. Ammu ran toward home with Bittu Grandmother saw Ammu running into the house.
"What happened, Ammu," grandmother asked
What will Ammu say?
Ammu wakes up
The next day. Ammu woke up early in the morning. Ammu's family has planned to visit Zoo. Ammu looked at Bittu. He was still sleeping.
She goes to her mother and asks her, "Mummy I want a new tooth brush for Bittu." Mother gave her a new tooth brush. She kept everything ready for brushing and came back to Bittu. Bittu is lazy. He was still sleeping. Ammu wanted to wake him up.

"Bittu, wake up. It's morning."

Page 77
Ammu teachers Bittu good habits
Bittu woke up rubbing his eyes.
"Ammu, I want to sleep," he said.
"No, Bittu," said Ammu. "What up. You have to learn many things."
"Learn? Learn Waht? I am hungry. I want to eat first," said Bittu.
"No. You must brush your teeth first and take bath. Then you can eat your food."
"But I don't know how to do these things," said Bittu.
"Get up. I'll teach you how to brush your teeth, take bath, eat food at the table and many more things." siad Ammu.

Page 77
Ammu Teaches Bittu

Bittu got up rubbing his eyes. He walked slowly behind Ammu. Ammu took him into her hands. Bittu crawled on to her shoulder and started sleeping again. Ammu took Bittu's tooth brush and spread paste on it. She saw Bittu sleeping on her shoulder. Ammu remebered her mother singing for her. She started singing for Bittu.

Song - Brush your teeth brush your teeth
Make your teeth white
Take your bath, take your bath
Keep your body clean
Eat your food eat your food
Keep your body strong
Play your game play your game
Keep your body fit.

Page 78
Add lines to the song
Page 79
Ammu has a bag

Bittu got up listening to Ammu's song. Ammu taught Bittu how to Brush teeth, take bath, comb hair and eat at the dining table. Then she started putting her belongings in a bag. Bittu watched Ammu keeping all her things in the bag.
"I have a bag. I keep mu things in my bag," Ammu said to Bittu.
He sat near her watching her curiously. He took her mirror and looked at his image in the mirror.
"Ammu has a bag to keep all these things," he thought. I too have a tooth brush, a comb, a mirror and many other things. Where should I keep them? I must ask Ammu for a bag." "I want a bag. Give me one,"

Page 80
What you do everyday

Ammu does many things at home. She wakes up early in the morning. Then she brushes her teeth and takes bath. She learns her lessons and play with her friends. What are the other things she will be doing at home?

Page 81
Activy - Things I have
Page 83
Ammu gave Bittu a bag
Bittu also has a bag now. He puts his things in the bag. He takes out his mirror and looks at his teeth. He shouts, "My teeth are bright now." Ammu took Bittu into one hand and his bag in the other. She started singing a song swinging Bittu in her hand.

Song- Little Bittu has a bag
Page 84
Add lines to the song
Page 85
Going to the Zoo

"Bittu dear, I have something more for you," she siad.
"What's that?" Bittu asked.
"Daddy has brought something for you," said Ammu. She took out a small shirt and a pair of trousers.
"Come, I'll put these clothes on you."
Bittu took the clothes in his hand and started running here and there dancing and shouting. Meanwhile Ammu got ready to go to the zoo.
She heard her daddy calling her.
"Ammu, are you ready?"
Ammu ran to her father to show him that she was ready with Bittu.
"Ammu, are you ready? Go and see what your mother is doing?"
"Yes, dad," Ammu said.

Page 86
Getting ready

Ammu went to her mother. her mother and grandmother were packing their lunch and some snacks in boxes. Ammu's mother saw her.
"Ammu, are you ready?" she asked.
"Yes, mummy. Daddy is waiting for you."

Page 87
Where are we going?

Ammu's mother said smiling, "We are coming. Ask your dad to take lock and key." Ammu ran back to her father. By then her father was ready with the lock and key. They all came out of the house. Ammu's father locked the door and put the key in his pocket. Ammu's mother took the basket.
"Come, let's move." Bittu wanted to know where they were going.
"Ammu, where are we going?" he asked.
"We are going to the zoo," said Ammu.

Page 88
On the road
Ammu's family reached the road. They waited near the bus stop for an auto. After some time an auto came there. They got into the auto.
"Will you come to the zoo," asked Ammu's father.
"Yes, sir," said the driver.
"What is the fare?"
"Fifty rupees only, sir!"
"Ok, let's go."
They all got into the auto.

Page 89-90
Page 91


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