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9 Mar 2015

Unit-6: AT THE ZOO - Class I page wise Narrative

Page 92 and 93
Ammu's family at the zoo
After some time they reached the zoo.
"Please wait here," said Ammu's father to the auto  driver. Then he went  to the ticket counter to buy tickets. He took out money to buy the tickets.
"Will you give me tickets please," he said to the to the man at the counter. After taking the tickets they all walked into zoo in queue.

Page 94

What a long neck!

Bittu seems excited looking at the animals. Ammu's father takes them to the giraffe.
"Look at those animals. It was very tall. Ammu wants to know what the animal is. She asks her father "What is that tall animal, daddy?"
Bittu points to the long neck of the giraffe and says, "Ammu, look at the long neck. It is a giraffe"
What is Bittu saying?
What are Ammu and her father talking about?

Page 95
Bittu and Ammu with animals
Ammu and Bittu move around the Zoo looking at the animals. Ammu's family follows them. Bittu tells Ammu about the animals.
Ammu sees a strange animal with lines (stripes) on its body. Ammu says "O it looks like a horse but it's not a horse", She wants to know what it is. She asks Bittu, "Do you know that animal, Bittu?" Bittu says "Yes, it is a Zebra. See the lines on its body."

Page 96
Which animal is it?
Bittu shows Ammu other animals and talks about them. Ammu says to Bittu "you say you have seen all the animals". Now let us play a game. I'll tell you somebody say you somebody parts of the animal; you have to tell name of the animal". Bittu jumps and says, "Ok. I am ready. Come on start". Ammu remembers the big elephant with a long trunk. She says, "It is big. It has a trunk. What is ti?" "It is an elephant." says Bittu.

Page 97 to 98
Page 101
Ammu's new friend
Ammu and Bittu are talking about some birds. Ammu is asking about some birds. Suddenly Bittu runs and climbs a tree. Ammu calls Bittu "Bittu where are  you going". Bittu meets his friend on the tree. It is a monkey. Ammu sees Bittu talking to the monkey. She asks Bittu "Bittu, who is there with you?" Bittu introduces the monkey to Ammu. He says, " Ammu meet my friend. Mittu."
Mittu greets Ammu, "Hi, Ammu, how are you?"
Ammu says, "Fine, Mittu. Thank you."

Page 102
Sharing food
It is lunch time. Ammu's father calls every one for lunch. Ammu and her family are under the tree. They start eating. Mittu offers Ammu a fruit.
"Ammu take this fruit."
Mother gives Bittu some fruits. She wants to know what Mittu likes to eat. She asks Bittu "Bittu, what does your friend like to eat?" Bittu says "Mother give him an apple." Ammu's mother gives Mittu an apple. They all enjoy eating together.

Page 103
Page 104
Then Ammu asks her father "Daddy shall we play with the ball for some time." He says "Ok, but be careful. Don't go here and there. play only here." Ammu takes her ball and calls Bittu, Mittu and Chintu to play. They play till evening. Ammu's father looks at the watch; it's five 'o' clock in the evening. He says, "Come let's go home."

Page 105
Ammu's family is now ready to go home. Ammu says "Good bye Mittu." But Bittu doesn't want to leave Mittu. He says "We will miss you Mittu". Mittu also feels sad. He says "Good bye, Bittu." Everyone says good bye to Mittu and leaves for home.

Pages 106 to 108


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