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10 Mar 2015

Unit-7: FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - Class I Page wise Narrative

Page 109
The next day Ammu goes to the market with her mother. She takes Bittu along with her. It is a very big market. There are many shops of vegetables and fruits. The fruits are kept in big baskets and kept in front of the shop. Bittu is surprised to see so many fruits and vegetables at one place. He thought "We get all the fruits at one place here," He asks Ammu "Can we eat them". Ammu says, "No, we have to give them money and buy the fruits." Look mummy is buying fruits now. You can eat them at home". Bittu says "Ok Ammu". They all go home.

Page 112
I don't like it
Ammu's mother calls Ammu and Bittu for Dinner. She has prepared bitter ground curry. She gives Bittu some fresh fruits and asks Ammu to eat rice. Bittu hurriedly eats all the fruits. Then he observes that Ammu is not eating anything.
"What happened Ammu? Why are you not eating?" asked grandmother.
It is bitter gourd curry. Ammu doesn't like it. She says "I don't like bitter gourd".

Page 113
Food for health
Bittu is surprised to hear that Ammu does not like vegetables. Ammu's grandmother takes a morsel of rice into her hands. She feeds Ammu. She tells Bittu also says to Ammu, "Eat, dear."
Bittu also says to Ammu, "Eat, dear."
Grandmother tells, "Ammu, we must eat all the vegetables," But Ammu does not agree. She says "I don't like some of them. They are not tasty."

Page 114
Bittu is surprised because he likes all the fruits and vegetables. So he says to Ammu, "Different fruits have different taste."
'Yes," says grandmother. "You are right. Tell your friend to eat all fruits and vegetable."

Page 115
Ammu asks for a story
Ammu says she will eat but she wants her grandmother to tell a story. So she will tell her grandmother, "Grandma, I'll eat. Tell us a story pleas." Grandmother agree. She says, "I'll tell you a story about Princess Tomato."

Page 116
Bittu's song about fruits
Bittu likes fruits very much. He starts telling Ammu about the tastes of different fruits. Ammu is not interested. Then Bittu starts singing talking the colour, size and taste of each and every fruit.
Ammu also joins Bittu and sings about other fruits. Ammu eats the bitter gourd curry. Bittu feels happy. Bittu tells Ammu that she must eat all the fruits and vegetables.

Page 117
Activity - fruits and vegetables

Page 118
Adding lines to the song

Princess Tomato's marriage
Grandmother tells the story of Princess Tomato


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