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7 May 2015

Big Surprise - 5th Class English

        Lalitha, a ten-year old girl sowed some tomato seeds in the kitchen garden. The seeds grew into little plants after a few days. Lalitha planted them in the middle of the garden. She pulled every weed and never allowed an insect or a worm near her pet plants. When the days were hot, she poured water to the plants at night also. She planted flowers all around her plot to make it beautiful. The flowers also grew and blossomed. But the tomato plants were not so promising except one plant. That plant was a beautiful one. The leaves were green and the tiny green tomatoes began to show. Lalitha and her sister Kavitha, who is fourteen, watered the plants daily. A very large beautiful tomato grew in the plant.
Big Surprise (

        One day, Lalitha’s brother said, ‘ I am going to take my chickens to the district exhibition. I know they will win the first prize.’

        Lalitha at once thought of her large tomato and ran to her sister and said, ‘Kavitha, do people take tomatoes to exhibitions?’ she asked.

        ‘Of course, they do. There is always a prize for the best and biggest one grown around here. Why don’t you take your big tomato?’

         ‘Oh, could I?’ Lalitha jumped and clapped.

        ‘Why not?’ Kavitha said, ‘Father says it is the finest tomato he has ever seen. You can take it to the exhibition. Don’t tell anyone, you can surprise mother and father. When judges announce the first prize to Miss Lalitha, they will be surprised. The judge will also give you a blue ribbon.’

        ‘Yes, yes,’ cried Lalitha.

        Kavitha wrote a card and showed it to Lalitha. It read ‘Tomato raised by Lalitha, aged eight.’

        ‘I hope they won’t think the tomato is ten years old,’ Lalitha laughed.

‘We will pick the tomato after father, mother and brother have gone to the exhibition. We’ll carry it in a pretty basket. We can go alone in the bus,’ Kavitha said. They went to the garden to pick the tomato and were shocked.
  Why was Lalitha happy?
  What happened in the garden?
  Why were Kavitha and her sister shocked?
        The large beautiful tomato was missing.

        ‘Oh! Someone has stolen my beautiful tomato!’ cried Lalitha,

        Kavitha and Lalitha were not happy. Lalitha was weeping all the way to the exhibition grounds . The girls went first to the hall to see the pets, and then to the vegetable display. They could not believe their eyes, among other tomatoes was Lalitha’s big beauty. ‘Look, Kavitha, that’s my tomato!’ she cried.

        The girls found places near their parents. The judges began to award prizes. Coming to tomatoes, one judge picked Lalitha’s tomato and said, ‘This big beauty wins the first prize. It was raised by Miss Lalitha aged ten. Will Miss Lalitha step forward?’

        There were claps as Lalitha received her blue ribbon. She said, ‘Thank you.’ Then she came to her father and said, ‘Father, how did my tomato get here?’

        ‘I brought it. I wanted to surprise you,’ he laughed.

        ‘But we, Kavitha and I wanted to surprise you,’ said Lalitha.

        The judge said, ‘Can anyone suggest  a name  for  this big beautiful tomato?’

        Lalitha spoke up,  ‘The Big Surprise.’

        All  the  family members laughed heartily.
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