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7 May 2015

Five Friendly Farmers - 5th Class Poem

Five Friendly Farmers


Five Friendly Formers (
Five friendly farmers
wake up with the sun.
For it is early morning
and the chores must be done.

The first friendly farmer
goes to milk the cow.
The second friendly farmer
thought he’d better plough.

The third friendly farmer
feeds the hungry hens.
The fourth friendly farmer
puts the piggies in their pens.

The fifth friendly farmer
picks the ripe corn.
And waves to the neighbour
when he blows his horn.

When the work is finished
and the evening sky is red,
five tired farmers
tumble into bed!

1 comment:

  1. Good site..please convert 1 to 7th classes lessons into video and audio formats .....please

    i want show this in my school..

    thanks for your good work....

    Sgt from Narsapur