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8 May 2015

Our School Garden - 5th Class English

Our School Garden (

It’s a primary school. Mrs. Malathi is in class V.
It’s cloudy. Suddenly the students hear a thunder.
After a few minutes it starts raining.
Some children ran to the window.
Some of them ran to the door.
Children stretched their hands into the rain.
Water drops tickled their hands.

Wow! How nice it is! It was the first rain of the season.
‘Smell the earth. It’s nice,’ someone said.

Mrs. Malathi : Children! Here is an announcement for you.
Children : An announcement! What is it teacher?
Mrs. Malathi :    Well…we are going to grow vegetables in our  school garden.
Meena : Good idea, teacher! But how  do we get seeds?
Rajesh : I’ll ask my father to bring some seeds.
John : Which seeds can you bring?
Rajesh : Many of them, ‘brinjal, bottle gourd, tomatoes, chillies, spinach,  coriander,  mint and many other leafy vegetables’.
John : Great! You have a rich garden, don’t you?
Ragamai : Why don’t we grow flower plants?
Mrs. Malathi :  Why not? We’ll grow some flower plants too.
Children : We all can bring seeds and plants.
Mrs. Malathi :  That’s nice, we’ll have a big garden here with vegetable and flower plants.
Meena : I think we need a leader, a garden leader.
John : Why?  It’ll be everybody’s garden.
Children : But we must do many things.
Mrs. Malathi :  First, we should level the ground.
Children : Yes we should. We need tools, don’t we?
Mrs. Malathi : Yes, we’ll get tools for you.
Rajesh : We’ll make fences.
Mrs. Malathi : Each student must adopt a plant and he / she should take care of it.
Children : Sure, teacher.


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