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15 Mar 2021

10th Class (SSC) Mathematics Chapter wise and Topic wise Youtube Video Links at one Page - Bhasker Bura Youtube Channel

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10th Class (SSC) Mathematics Chapter wise and Topic wise Youtube Video Links at one Page - Bhaskar Bura Youtube Channel

10th Class (SSC) Mathematics Chapter wise and Topic wise Youtube Video Links - Bhasker Bura Youtube Channel 

10th Class(SSC) Mathematics Youtube Links

1. Real Numbers

SNo Lesson/Topic Video Link
1 Part 1. Introduction to Real numbers and euclid’s division lemma View
2 Part 2.Finding HCF by using Euclid’s division lemma View
3 Part 3.Exploring the properties of numbers using Euclid’s division lemma View
4 Part4.Fundamental theorem of arithmetic View
5 Part5. Decimal expansions of Rational numbers View
6 Part6. show that √2 is an irrational View
7 that 5-√3 and √2+√3 is an irrational View
8 Part8.Introduction to logarithms View
9 Part9.Properties of logarithms View
10 Part10.Important problems on logarithms View
11 Part11.Solution of 5th problem from Exercise 1.5 View
12 Part12.Solutions of 6th and 7th from Exercise 1.5 View

2. Sets

1 Part1. Introduction to sets View
2 Part2.Examples of sets and their representation View
3 Part3.Roster and set builder forms of sets View
4 Part4.Exercise 2.1 solutions View
5 part5.Types of sets View
6 Part6.Relation b/w no. of elements a set to it’s no. of subsets. View
7 Part7.Dothis and Try this problems from page no.33 View
8 Part8.Representation of Sets using Venn Diagrams View
9 Part9.Union of Sets View
10 Part10.Intersection of Sets View
11 Part11.Difference of two sets View
12 Part12.Venn diagrams of AUB,A∩B,A-B,B-A View
13 Part13.Exercise 2.2 solutions View
14 Part14.Equal sets and Exercise 2.3 View
15 part15.Cardinality of a set ,finite &Infinite sets View
16 part16.Try this & do these solutions before exercise 2.4 View
17 part17.Disjoint sets and properties View
18 part18.Finding the Relation between n(A),n(B),n(AUB) and n(A∩B) View

3. Polynomials

1 Part1.Introduction to polynomials View
2 Part2.What are polynomials and difference between polynomials and algebraic expressions View
3 Part3.Degree of a term and polynomials View
4 Part4.Zeroes of the polynomials View
5 Part5.Exercise 3.1 View
6 Part6.Graphical representation of linear,Quadratic and cubic polynomials and the geometrical meaning of their Zeroes. View
7 Part7.Examples and exercise 3.2 solutions View
8 Part8.Realationship b/w the zeroes of a quadratic polynomial to it’s coefficients View
9 Part9.Examples before exercise 3.3 View
10 Part10.Relation b/w the zeroes of a Cubic polynomial and it’s coefficients View
11 Part11.Graph Quadratic polynomial View

9. Tangents and Secants to a circle

1 Part1.Introduction View
2 Part2.Number of tangents to a circle View
3 Part3.Theorem 9.1 the tangent at any point on the circle is perpendicular to the radius through the point of contact View
4 Part4.Finding the length of a tangent View
5 Part5.Tangents drawn at the end points of a diameter of a circle are parallel View
6 Part6.Statement1:the centre of circle lies on the bisector of angle between two tangents View
7 Part7. two concentric circles of radii 5cm and 3cm are drawn. find the length of the chord of the larger circle which touches the smaller circle View
8 Part8. Statement 3 If two tangents AP and AQ are drawn to a circle with centre o from the external point A then angle PAQ = 2times of angle OPQ View
9 Part9. Statement 4 A Quadrilateral ABCD IS DRAWN TO CIRCUMSCRIBE A CIRCLE THEN AB+CD = BC +AD View
10 Part10. Construction of tangents type1 View
11 of tangents type2 View
12 Part12. concept about finding the area of a segment of a circle and also discuss about the problem which is given in do this exercise. View
13 Part13. how to find the area of segment of a circle .example View
14 Part 14. example 2 problem before exercise 9.3 View
15 Part15. 3rd example problem before exercise 9.3 View
16 Part16. 4th problem from exercise 9.3. View

12. Applications of Trigonometry

1 Part1.Introduction to Applications of trigonometry View
2 Part2.Examples & do this,try this solutions before exercise12.1 View
3 Part3.Exercise12.1 problems 1&2 View
4 Part4.Exercise12.1 problems 3 & 4 View
5 Part5.Exercise12.1 problems 5&6 View
6 Part6.Exercise12.1 problems 7&8 View
7 Part7.Exercise12.1 problems 9&10 View
8 Part8.Example problem before Exercise12.2 View
9 Part9.Exercise 12.2 problem 1 View
10 Part10.Exercise12.2 problem2 View
11 Part11. Exercise12.2 problem3 View
12 Part12. Exercise12.2 problem4 View
13 Part13. Exercise12.2 problem6 View
14 Part14. Exercise12.2 problem7 View
15 Part15. Exercise12.2 problem8 View
16 Part16. Exercise12.2 problem9 View
17 Part17.Exercise 12.2 problem10 View

14. Statistics

1 Part1.Introduction to statistics View
2 Part2.Mean of grouped data(direct method) View
3 Part3.Mean of grouped data using Assume or deviation method View
4 Part4.Mean of grouped data using step deviation method View
5 Part5.Mode of Ungrouped data View
6 Part6.Mode of grouped data View
7 Part7.Median of ungrouped data View
8 Part8.Median of grouped data View
9 Part 9.Drawing ogive curves View
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