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31 Mar 2015

G.O.MS.No26 Scheme of reimbursement and the employee’s health scheme in parallel upto 31-3-2015


Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department – Employees Health Scheme – Providing Cashless medical treatment to the State Government Employees, Pensions and their dependent family members – Extend up to 30-6-2015 - Orders – Issued.

G.O.MS.No. 26.                                                         Dated: 30-3-2015
Read the following:-

  1. G.O.Ms.No. 174, HM & FW (M2) Department, dt. 01.11.2013.
  2. G.O.Ms.No. 175. HM & FW (M2) Department, dt: 01-11-2013.
  3. G.O.Ms.No. 176, HM & FW (M2) Department, dt: 01-11-2013.
  4. G.O.Ms.No. 32, HM & FW (A2) Department, dt: 03-11-2014.
  5. G.O.Ms.No.33, HM & FW (A2) Department, dt 13.11.2014.
  6. G.O.Ms.No.36 HM & FW (A2) Department, dated 27.11.2014.
  7. G.O.Ms.N o.40, HM&FW (A2) Department, dated:1-12-2014.
O R D E R:-

In the reference 7th read above, orders have been issued for implementing Scheme of reimbursement and the employee’s health scheme in parallel up to 31-3-2015.

2. The issue of joining of some of the Hospitals in Employees Health Scheme is still under discussion. Hence there is need to extend reimbursement scheme to run in parallel with Employees Heath Scheme.

3 Accordingly Government after careful examination hereby extend the orders issued in the reference 7th read above to the effect that both the schemes of reimbursement and the employees Health Scheme to run in parallel up to 30-6-2015.


30 Mar 2015

10th Class English Paper-I - March 2015 - Telangana

SSC English Paper-I (www.naabadi.org)

New Syllabus ( 2014-15)

ENGLISH, Paper - I
(Third Language)

Time: 2hours 45 min.]                            [Maximum Marks : 40

  1. This question paper contains three sections (Section A, B and C)
  2. 15 minutes time is allotted exclusively for reading the question paper and 2 hrs. 30 minutes for answering the qustions.
  3. All the answers are to be written in the seperate answer booklet.
  4. Make use of the last pages of the answer booklet for rough work, if necessary, while answering the questions under Section 'C'.


Q.(1-7) Read the following passage.

      Telugu audiences are proud of many great producers, directors and artistes. Savitri is one such prestigious artiste. Ever since she was eight, she evinced interest in learning dance. Later she associated herself with the theatre. She formed a theatre organization as well. She had little difficulty in entering the film field. When Savitri was twelve, she was offered a role in the film, Agnipareeksha, but was finally dropped as she looked too young for  the role.

      She was given a song sequence "Ranante rane ranu" - in Pathala Bhairavi. Savitri's part in it was brief , but the effect of her performance was considerable. Her expressions were beautiful. A lot of film makers recongnized 'a potential artiste' in her.

      As a result, she was elevated to the role of a heroine by the noted director L.V. Prasad in the film 'Samsaaram' (1950). On the sets, she was nervous; she had to repeat many takes and this proved a setback for her. The role was given to someone else and she was given a small role of less import.

      In the film 'Devadasu' (1953), [one of] the best picturisation(s) of Sartchandra Chatterjee's novel 'Devadas', Parvathi comes alive in Savitri. The young Parvathi with curly hair, a lock of hair straying to her forehead, the large round blackberry eyes looking out from an innocent face left an indelible imprint in the minds of all cine lovers. She portrayed Devada's love and the role of a rich man's wife marvellously. Savitri left her mark in this evergreen Telugu classic.
(A Tribute)
      Now answer the following questions. Each question has four choices. Choose the correct answer and write (A), (B), (C) or (D) in your answer booklet.
(4x1=4 marks)

1. Savitri was offered a role in the film, but was finally dropped because..............
(A) She was nervous.
(B) She looked too old.
(C) She looked too young.
(D) She had little experience.

2. In the passage which of the following words means 'moved someone to a more important rank or level'?
(A) Recognized
(B) Setback
(C) Proved
(D) Elevated

3. Why Savithri was given a small role of less import in the film 'Samsaaram'?
(A) She  was too young for the role.
(B) She was not suitable for the role.
(C) The noted director L.V. Prasad did not like her.
(D) She was nervous on the sets.

4. What type of text is this passage?
(A) A narrative.
(B) A biographical sketch.
(C) A detailed report.
(D) A story.

Q.(5-7) Answer the following questions in two or three sentences.
(3x2=6 marks)

5. How did Savithri reach the peak after the setback in the film 'Samsaaram'?

6. List out three qualities that made Savithri remarkable in the film industry.

7. Why do you think ' Devdasu' is an evergreen classic?

Q.(8-12) Read the following passage.

      There was something really wrong with the State Transport bus. It had come up the winding road in the mountain as if with a life-time offort. The road was now down-hill and yet the bus moved as slowly as a sick man walking with the help of another. It reached the plain where the dispensary building was situated, and stood still, like an obstinate bull. Now, the destination was hardly a mile or two away. But the driver was sore and the conductor had no option but to be silent. When they realized that the bus wouldn't move any faster, a couple of passangers exclaimed : "Goddammit for a bloody nuisance !"

      The conductor asked the passengers to get down and they all put their strength together to push the bus. Having gained this initial momentum, the bus started. Passengers clambered up, jostling one another. The conductor rang the bell and the bus gradually took on speed. It entered the village reluctantly like a truant child being dragged to school. As it wound its way through the curves on the outskirts, it groaned and croacked like a hen about to lay eggs, and stopped with a bang in front of BhujabaPatil's residence. As it halted, it gave a big lurch, sending the passengers helter-skelter, churned like water in pitcher when the carrier stumbles.
(The Storeyed House-I)
      Now answer the following questions. Each question has four choices. Choose the correct answer and write (A), (B), (C) or (D) in your answer booklet.
(3x1=3 marks)

 8. "But the driver was sore .............." What does the word 'sere' mean in the above context?
(A) surprised
(B) confused
(C) feared
(D) upset

9. In the passage, the bus is not compared with one of the following.
(A) A hen about to lay eggs.
(B) An obstinate bull.
(C) A traunt child.
(D) A fast deer.

10. The passengers exclaimed 'Goddammit for a bloody nuisance!' What is the tone of the expression?
(A) joy
(B) agony
(C) anger
(D) anxiety

Answer the following questions in the one or two sentences.   (2x1=2 marks)

11. How did the bus start ?

12. Why do you think the bus is compared to a traunt child being dragged to school ?

Vocabulary and Grammar

Q(13-17) Read the passage given below. Five sentences in the passage are numbered (13-17) at the begining. Each of these sentences has an error. Correct and rewrite them in the answer booklet.
(5x1=5 marks)

      The next day he went with his wife to the capital. (13)The king were pleased to see him and ordered the potter to lead the army into battle the next day. The enemy were not far from the gates of the city. (14)A splendid house have been prepared for the potter and his wife. (15)The horse would carry him into battle was ready in the stable.

      That night the potter could not sleep. (16)He was nervous and worried so he did not know how to ride a horse. 'If I fall off,everybody would laugh at me', he thought. (17)"I will got up very early tomorrow and practise riding the horse."

Q.(18-22) Complete the passage choosing the right words from the choices given below. Each black is numbered (18-22) and the choices are given as (A), (B), (C) and (D).

Choose the correct answer from the given choices and write (A), (B), (C) or (D) in the answer booklet.
(5x1=5 marks)

      It is this strand of cultural unity running through the country that we .............(18) heir to, and which people ..............(19) the west are increasingly turning now. It is up to the younger generation to uphold this torch of cultural unity for the rest of the world to see, follow and emulate, and not get dazed by the superficial ................(20) and material achievment of the west, where man has set foot on .............(21) moon in his quest for space travel, .................(22) finds himself isolated in his own society and community.

(A) had
(B) have
(C) were
(D) are

(C) in
(D) at

(A) prosper
(B) prosperous

(A) the
(B) a
(C) an
(D) none

(A) because
(B) so
(C) but
(D) that

Creative Writing (Discourses)

23.      Once there was a very greedy king. Even though he was very rich, he always craved for more and more. Every day he prayed God for more and more. One day, God appeared before him and granted him a wish. King asked, "Give me golden touch. Everything I touch should become gold." God granted his wish. The king was delighted with his good fortune. Everything he touched turned into gold. He thought that he must be the richest man in the world. But in the evening when he sat down for supper, king was not so happy. His food turned into gold the moment he touched it and he had to go to bed without any food! However, king was too greedy to be sad about it.

      Now write a possible conservation between the King and the God              (10 marks)


23. Read the following poem.

If a tree could talk, what would it say ?
"Don't chop me down, just walk away."
If a river dump in trash, what would it say ?
"Don't dump in trash, throw it away."
If the air could talk, what would it say?
"The factories must learn to keep smoke away."
If the animals could talk, what would they say?
"Help us to live, we wish to stay."
If the earth could talk, what would it say?
"Protect me by making every day Earth day !"

Write a choreography script on the above poem. While writing the choreography script keep the following details.
  • Title
  • The theme
  • Instances of the theme
  • Locations
  • Characters involved
  • Sequence of actions
24. Imagine that you are the Secretary of the Cultural Club in your school. On the occasion of children's day, dance competition is going to be conducted in your school.

      As the Secretary of the School Cultural Club, you want to inform the students about the competition.

      Prepare a notice to display on School Notice Board. While writing the notice you keep the following details:

        Date; Venue; Occasion; Events; Last date for registration; Contact details.
(5 marks)

-------------------THE END------------

29 Mar 2015

10th Class TELUGU Paper-II - March 2015 - Telangana


New Syllabus(2014-15)
TELUGU, Paper - II
(First Language)

Time: 2.45 hours]                                                        [Maximum Marks : 40

  1. మొదటి 15ని.లు ప్రశ్నపత్రం చదవండి. అర్థం చేసుకోండి. మిగితా 2 గం. 30 ని.ల సమయంలో జవాబులు రాయండి.
  2.  అన్ని ప్రశ్నలకు జవాబులు  సమాధాన పత్రంలోనే రాయండి.
I.  అవగాహన ప్రతిస్పందన : చదవడం - అవగాహన చేసుకోవడం  (20 మార్కులు)

(అ) కింది పేరాను చదవండి. కింది ప్రశ్నలకు జవాబులు రాయండి.   5x1=5 

జాంబవంతుడు హనుమంతుణ్ణి చేరాడు. అతని శక్తియుక్తులెంతటివో తెలుపుతూ ప్రేరేపించాడు. దీనికి వానరుల ప్రశంసలు తోడైనాయి. ఇంకేయుంది? హనుమంతుడు రెట్టించిన ఉత్సాహంతో బలాన్ని పుంజుకున్నాడు. అద్భుతమైన తేజస్సుతో వెలుగుతున్నాడు. వానరులతో ‘‘నేను మహాసముద్రాలను అవలీలగా దాటగనని’’ ఆత్మశక్తిని ప్రకటించాడు. ప్రతి వారిలో ఏదో ఒక శక్తి ఉంటుంది. సరైన ప్రేరణ దొరికితే అది వెలికి వస్తుంది. హనుమంతుడి మాటలకు జాంబవంతుడు ఆనందించాడు.

1. జాంబవంతుడు హనుమంతుణ్ణి ఎలా ప్రేరేపించాడు?
2. ప్రేరణ వలన ఏమి బయట పడుతుంది?
3. హనుమంతుడు వానరులతో ఏమన్నాడు?
4. హనుమంతుడి మాటలు ఏమి తెలియజేస్తున్నాయి?
5. పై పేరాకు తగిన శీర్షక సూచించండి.
(ఆ) కింది పేరా చదవండి. ఐదు ప్రశ్నలు తయారు చేయండి. 5x1=5
గోదావరి నదికి ఇరువైపులా ఉన్న ఆదిలాబాద్, కరీనంగర్ జిల్లాల్లోని గిరిజనులు వారి ఆధ్వర్యంలో రైతులు పూజించే దేవుళ్ళు చిన్నయ్య, పెద్దయ్య. ‘‘చిన్నయ్య పెద్దయ్య చిలుకల భీమయ్య’’ అని స్థానికంగా వినిపించే జానపద గేయంలో చిన్నయ్య అంటే అర్జునుడు. పెద్దయ్య అంటే ధర్మరాజు. వారితో కూడిన భీముడ్ని పూజిస్తారు, అని స్పష్టమవుతుంది. భీముడ్ని ప్రత్యేకంగా కొలువడానికి కారణముంది. పాండవులు వనవాసం చేస్తూ ఇక్కడికి వచ్చినప్పుడు ఇక్కడి గిరిజన అమ్మాయి హిడింబిని భీముడు పెళ్ళి చేసుకొని ఆ స్థానిక గిరిజనులకు ఆరాధ్య దైవమయ్యాడు.

(ఇ) కింది పద్యాన్ని పాదభంగం లేకుండా పూరించి, భావం సొంత మాటల్లో రాయండి.            1x5=5

11. బీదల కన్నవస్త్రములు ..........................
......................వివేక ధనంబిది నమ్ము చిత్తమా!

(ఈ) కింది పద్యాన్ని చదివి, అర్థం చేసుకుని, ఇచ్చిన ఖాళీలను పూరించండి.   5x1=5

తల నుండు విషము ఫణికిని
వెలయంగా దోక నుండు వృశ్చికమునకున్
దల తోక యనక యుండును
ఖలునకు నిలువెల్ల విషము కదరా సుమతీ !
12. పాముకు విషం ........................ లో ఉంటుంది.
13. వృశ్చికమనగా ..........................
14. శరీరమంత విషం ......................... కి ఉంటుంది.
15. పై పద్య మకుటం .......................
16. పై పద్యాన్ని రచించిన కవి ...................
II. సృజనాత్మకత - వ్యక్తీకరణ: సృజనాత్మకత       (10 మార్కులు)
(అ) కింది వానిలో రెండు ప్రశ్నలకు జవాబులు రాయండి.   2x5=10
17. ప్రశాంతతకు, పచ్చదనానికి నిలయమైన పల్లెల గొప్పతనాన్ని గూర్చి వ్యాసం రాయండి.
18. ‘‘మాణిక్య వీణ’’ వచన కవితలో మీకు నచ్చిన అంశాలను వివరిస్తూ మిత్రునికి/మిత్రురాలికి లేఖ రాయండి.
19. చరిత్ర నిర్మాణంలో స్త్రీల పాత్రను వివిరిస్తూ కరపత్రం తయారు చేయండి.
III. భాషాంశాలు (వ్యాకరణం)      (10 మార్కులు)
20. ‘మృదుమధురం’ పదానికి విగ్రహ వాక్యం రాసి సమాసం పేరు రాయండి. (1మార్కు)
21. ‘విద్య చేత అధికుడు’ విగ్రహ వాక్యాన్ని సమాస పదంగా మార్చి సమాసం పేరు రాయండి. (1మార్కు)
22. ‘ముత్యపు చిప్ప’ పదాన్ని విడదీసి, సంధిపేరు రాయండి. (1మార్కు)
23. ‘సరభస+ఉత్సాహం’ కలిపి సంధి జరిగిన విధానాన్ని రాయండి. (1మార్కు)
  24. ‘యూయూస్సూత్రము తోవ త్రుంచుకొనెదో? యౌద్ధత్య మోర్వన్ జుమీ’
పద్యపాదానికి గురులఘువులు గుర్తించి, గణవిభజన చేసి, ఏ పద్యపాదమో తెల్పండి.  (2మార్కులు)
‘‘తల్లి ఒడివంటి 
తరలి వచ్చిన పేద రైతులూ
ఈ పట్టణాల్లో
ఊపిరాడని మీ బతుకులు’’
పై కవితలోని అర్థాలంకారాన్ని గుర్తించండి. (1మార్కు)
26. అర్థంతరన్యాసాలంకార లక్షణాల్ని తెల్పండి. (1మార్కు)
27. గోపి హైదరాబాద్ వెళ్ళాడు.
సీ హైద్రాబాద్ వెళ్ళింది.
పై వాక్యాలను సంయుక్త వాక్యంగా మార్చి రాయండి.   (1మార్కు)
28. ‘‘ధన లోభము సర్వాపదలకు మూలము’’ ఈ వాక్యాన్ని ఆధునికి వ్యవహార భాషలోకి మార్చి రాయండి.   (1మార్కు)

10th Class TELUGU Paper-1 - March-2015 - Telangnan


New  syllabus(2014-15)
Telugu, Paper-I
(First Language)

Time : 20:45 hoours]                                               [Maximum Marks: 40
  1. మెదటి 15 నిమిషాలు ప్రశ్నపత్రం చదవండి. అర్థం చేసుకోండి. మిగితా 2.30 గం.ల సమయంలో జవాబులు రాయండి.
  2. అన్ని ప్రశ్నలకు జవాబులు సమాధాన పత్రంలోనే రాయండి.
I.  వ్యక్తీకరణ - సృజనాత్మకత - స్వీయరచన           (30 మార్కులు)

(అ) కింది ప్రశ్నలకు ఐదేసి వాక్యాల్లో జవాబులు రాయండి.        4x3=12

1. ప్రకృతి ఒడిని పాఠశాలగా మార్చుకొన్న మీరు మీ కళాభిరుచిని ఎలా పెంపొందించుకుంటారు?
2. ‘‘బాలికల చదువు -  తరతరాలకు వెలుగు’’ అన్న నానుడిపై మీ అభిప్రాయం తెల్పండి.
3. ‘పి.వి. నరసింహారావు గారు - గొప్ప సాహితీవేత్త’ అని ఎట్లా చెప్పగలరు?
4. ‘‘ఆకలి దప్పికలు కోపానికి కారణాలు’’ అని ఎట్లా సమర్థిస్తావు? 

(ఆ) కింది వాటిలో ప్రతి భాగం నుండి తప్పని సరిగా ఒక ప్రశ్నకు 10 వాక్యాలలో జవాబులు రాయండి.                3x6=18

5. ‘‘వీధి బాలలు, అనాథ పిల్లలు’’ - లేకుండా ఉండాలంటే మీరేం చేస్తారు? వివరించండి.
5. ‘‘మంచి వాళ్ళ స్నేహం కంటే లోకంలో గొప్పది ఏదీ లేదు’’ - దీనిని విశ్లేషిస్తూ అభిప్రాయాలను రాయండి.

6. ‘నగరంలోని మనుషుల వెనుక ఆనందాలు, విషాదాలు ఉంటాయి’ -  అనే కవి మాటల్లోని అంతరార్థాన్ని వివరించండి.
6. శివాజీ, సోన్ దేవుని మధ్య జరిగిన సంభాషణ ద్వారా మీరేం అర్థం చేసుకున్నారు’’ సమర్థించండి.

7. హనుమంతుడు శ్రీరాముని గుణగణాలను సీతాదేవికి నివేదించిన విధం చెప్పండి.
7. శ్రీరాముడు శివధనుస్సును విరిచిన విధం తెలపండి.

II. భాషాంశాలు (పదజాలం)              (10మార్కులు)

 (అ) కింది పదాలను సొంతవాక్యాల్లో ప్రయోగించండి.       2x1=2

8. శ్రద్ధాసక్తులు
9. ప్రయాణ సౌకర్యం

(ఆ) కింది వాక్యాల్లో గీత గీసిన పదాలకు అర్థాలను గుర్తించి, వాటి సంకేతాన్ని (A/B/C/D) రాయండి.             4x(1/2)=2

10. సీత, గీతలు జాతరలో సూడిగములు కొన్నారు.
(A) బొమ్మలు
(B) గజ్జెలు
(C) బట్టలు
(D) గాజులు

11. తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర సాధనలో ప్రజలే ఉద్యమం చేశారు.

(A) పోరాటం
(B) ప్రయత్నం
(C) ఊరేగింపు
(D) దీక్ష

12. మనం ప్రయాణం చేసేటప్పుడు ఏమరుపాటుగా ఉండరాదు.
(A) సంతృప్తిగా
(B) అసంతృప్తిగా
(C) అజాగ్రత్తగా
(D) అహంకారంగా

13. మబ్బులు ఇనుణ్ణి కప్పేసాయి.
(A) మెరుపులను
(B) చుక్కలను
(C) చంద్రుణ్ణి
(D) సూర్యుణ్ణి

(ఇ) కింది వాక్యాల్లో గీత గీసిన పదానికి సరియైన పర్యాయ పదాలు గుర్తించి, వాటి సంకేతాన్ని (A/B/C/D) రాయండి              4x(1/2)=2

14. గాంధీజీ నూలు వస్త్రం ధరించేవాడు.
 (A) పుట్టము - పులుగు
(B) పుట్టము - పట్టము
(C) పుట్టము - చేలము
(D) పుట్టము - విలువ

15. కప్ప భూమిపైన, నీటిలోన నివాసం ఉంటుంది.

(A) దర్దరం - దుర్దినం
(B) దర్దురం - మండూకం
(C) దర్దురం - మహతి
(D) దర్దురం - దర్భలు

16. అనలం అరణ్యాన్ని దహించి వేసింది.

(A) అగ్ని - వేడి
(B) అగ్ని - అడవి
(C) అగ్ని - కాన
(D) అగ్ని -  మంట

17. మిన్ను విరిగి మీద పడ్డట్లు.

(A) ఆకాశం - చంద్రుడు
(B) ఆకాశం - మబ్బు
(C) ఆకాశం - గగనం
(D) ఆకాశం - సూర్యుడు

(ఈ) కింది వాక్యాల్లో గీత గీసిన పదాలకు ప్రకృతులకు-వికృతులు, వికృతులకు-ప్రకృతులను గుర్తించి, వాటి సంకేతాన్ని (A/B/C/D) రాయండి.  

18. ధర్మం నాలుగు పాదాల నడిస్తేనే దేశం సుభిక్షంగా ఉంటుంది.

(A) దయ
(B) దమ్మం
(C) దానం
(D) దాక్షిణ్యం

19. అయ్యా ! మాకు సెలవులు ఇప్పించండి.

(A) తండ్రీ
(B) నాన్నా
(C) తాతా
(D) ఆర్యా

20. కుల మతాలకు మనుషుల మధ్య కుడ్యం కాకూడదు.

(A) గోడ
(B) ఇల్లు
(C) భవనం
(D) తలుపు

21.  పులిని చూసే నేను చిత్తరువు వేశాను.

(A) చిత్రం
(B) బొమ్మ
(C) పటం
(D) సినిమా

(ఉ) కింది వాక్యాల్లో గీత గీసి పదాలకు నానార్థాలను గుర్తించి, వాటి సంకేతాన్ని (A/B/C/D) రాయండి.    2x(1/2)=1

22. కాలంతో పాటే మనమూ మారాలి.
(A) సమయం - సందర్భం
(B) సమయం - చావు
(C) సమయం - సహకారం
(D) సమయం - చలనం

23. ఆకాశం ఘోష పెడుతుంది.

(A) ఉరుము - నక్షత్రం
(B) ఉరుము - మెరుపు
(C) ఉరుము - మేఘం
(D) ఉరుము - ఆవుల మంద

(ఊ) కింది వ్యుత్పత్త్యర్థాలకు సరియైన పదాన్ని గుర్తించి, వాటి సంకేతాన్ని (A/B/C/D) రాయండి.

24. వనము నందు పుట్టినది.

(A) చేప
(B) కప్ప
(C) వనజం
(D) తాబేలు

25.  స్వభావం చేతనే ఐశ్వర్యం కలవాడు.

(A) నారదుడు
(B) బ్రహ్మ
(C) విష్ణు
(D) ఈశ్వరుడు


28 Mar 2015

The Clever Jackal - 5th Class English


Picture 1
Tiger: O! Farmer, please open the door.
Farmer: No, I'm sorry, I can't trust a tiger.


Tiger:  I'm not ungrateful, I won't harm you.
Farmer: I'll trust you.


Picture 3
Tiger: But, I'm hungry! So I'll eat you. 
Farmer: Oh, No! You're ungrateful and cruel.


Picture 4
Tiger: No, animals aren't cruel. Man is cruel. Look, horse is coming. We'll ask the horse.
Farmer: Alright.


Picture 5
Farmer: Oh horse, please listen to me. This tiger was in a trap. I opened the door. Now he wants to eat me. Is he not cruel?
Horse: No, Man is really cruel. I'm old. I can't serve my master. He turned me out.So I'm here.


Picture 6
Tiger: O! farmer, the horse also says man is cruel. So, I'll eat you.
Farmer: Wait a minute. Look, a jackal is coming. We'll ask him, too.


Picture 7
Farmer: O! Jackal, see this tiger. I saved him from the trap. But he wants to eat me. He's very cruel.
Jackal: How can I save the farmer?


Picture 8
Jackal: My dear tiger, can you explain everything to me again?
Tiger: Yes, I'll. This is the trap. I was in it.


Picture 9
Jackal: No, no.It's not possible. You are so large and the trap is so small.
Tiger: See I will show you

(Tiger enters into the trap)


Picture 10
www.naabadi.orgJackal: Oh! I see. Now it is clear. Thank you so much. Good-bye.

(Jackal quickly shuts the door)

Picture 11
Tiger: Oh God! Will you not open the door?
Jackal: No, we won't. Good bye.
Farmer: Yes, we will not open the door.

Picture 12
Jackal: O, farmer, go home now.
Farmer: Thank you, my friend.

There Was an Old Woman - Poem - 5th Class English

There was an old woman who swallowed a fly;
I wonder why
She swallowed a fly.
Poor old woman, she’s sure to die.

There was an old woman who swallowed a spider;
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her;
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly,
I wonder why
She swallowed a fly.
Poor old woman, she’s sure to die.
There was an old woman who swallowed a bird;

How absurd
To swallow a bird.
She swallowed a bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her;
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly,
I wonder why
She swallowed a fly.
Poor old woman, she’s sure to die.

There was an old woman who swallowed a cat;
Fancy that!
She swallowed a cat;
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her;
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly,
I wonder why
She swallowed a fly.
Poor old woman, she’s sure to die.

There was an old woman who swallowed a dog;
She went the whole hog
And swallowed a dog;
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her;
She swallowed the spider to catch the fly,
I wonder why
She swallowed a fly.
Poor old woman, she’s sure to die.

There was an old woman who swallowed a cow;
I wonder how
She swallowed the cow to catch the dog,
She swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
She swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
She swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her;
I wonder why
She swallowed a fly.
Poor old woman, she’s sure to die.
There was an old woman who swallowed a horse;
She died of course!

The Witty Nasruddin - 5th Class English

      A poor traveller was walking through the streets of Ak-Shehir. He had a little to eat for two days. He had spent his last penny, and all that remained in his pockets was a piece of dry bread.

      As he passed by an eating-house, he saw several people sitting round the fire, eating and drinking. On the fire there was a large cooking-pot, full of meat-balls giving off a lovely smell. You can be sure that this smell made the hungry man’s mouth water!

      The owner of the eating-house stood there, serving his customers. He asked the traveller if he wanted to buy some meat-balls, but the poor man turned away. ‘A man without money never buys anything,’ he said.

      Yet the traveller still walked to and fro, enjoying the smell. He took the piece of dry bread out of his pocket and held it over the pot. After a minute or two, he slowly ate the bread and he tried to imagine that it tasted better when he had the smell of meat-balls in his nose. The eating-house keeper got angry when he saw the man doing this.

      He took hold of his arm roughly and hurried him round that corner to the magistrate’s court. Now it happened that Nasruddin, the ‘Hodja’ was acting as magistrate that day. When he asked what was the matter, the eating-house keeper said to him, ‘This man came into my eating-house without any money and helped himself with the smell of the meat-balls which were cooking in the pot. He must be forced to pay me.’

      The Hodja took two pennies from his pocket put them between his hands and shook them together backwards and forwards, against the eating-house keeper’s right ear.

      ‘Can you hear anything?’ he asked the man.

     ‘Yes  sir,  I  can,’  the eating-house keeper replied.

     ‘Now, can you still hear something?’ the Hodja asked, as he shook  the  two pennies together against the man’s left ear.

     ‘Yes, sir, I can still hear the pennies shaking together, but why are you doing this?”

      The  Hodja  put  the pennies back in his pocket and answered. ‘Surely the sound of money is a fair payment for the smell of food. You have therefore been paid twice, and that is more than enough. Let this poor traveller continue his journey.’

G.O.MS.No174 Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule as State Function



Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule falling on 11th April – Declaration as State Function - Orders - Issued.

G.O.MS.No. 174                         DATED: 27.03.2015
O R D E R :

Government hereby declare the Birthday Celebration (Jayanthi) of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule falling on 11th April as “ State Function” every year.

2. The expenditure on the above Celebration shall be met from the respective Departmental budgets. The B.C. Welfare Department shall take action accordingly.


26 Mar 2015

G.O.MS.No173 Dt:26.03.2015 Declaration of Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Dr. Babu Jagjeevan Ram and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as Government Functions every year

Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Dr. Babu Jagjeevan Ram and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar falling on 5th April and 14th April respectively every year –Declaration as Government Functions - Orders - Issued.


G.O.MS.No. 173.                      DATED: 26.03.2015
O R D E R :
Government hereby declare the Birthday Celebrations of Dr. Babu Jagjeevan Ram and Dr. B.R.Ambedkar falling on 5th April and 14th April respectively as “Government Functions” every year.

2. All the Heads of Departments and all District Collectors are requested to Celebrate Dr. Babu Jagjeevan Ram and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Birthday falling on 5th April and 14th April respectively every year in a befitting manner.

3. The expenditure on the above Celebrations shall be met from their respective Department budgets. The Social Welfare Department shall coordinate the arrangements for the function.


G.O.MS.No171 Dt:26-03-2015 Adoption of State Emblem as the Emblem of Government of Telangana

Telangana Emblem- Adoption of State Emblem as the Emblem of Government of Telangana. – Orders - Issued
G.O.MS.No. 171                                        DATED: 26-03-2015
Read the following:-
  • Ref: 1. From Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, letter No.13/12/2014- Public dt. 11th August, 2014
O R D E R:

In the Gazette of India Notification No. 6 of 2014 dated March 1, 2014, the 29th State of the country viz. Telangana has been formed and the appointed day has been fixed as June 2, 2014 through its Gazette Notification No.560, dt. 4th March, 2014.

Consequent on the formation of Telangana State the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India in terms of Rule 4(2) of the State Emblem of India (Regulation of Use) Rules, 2007 (as amended in 2010) has approved the State Emblem as the Emblem of the Government of Telangana for adoption by the State Government.

Accordingly, the following Notification shall be published in an Extra – ordinary issue of the Telangana State Gazette dated 26th March, 2015.


The State Government directs that all offices under State Government shall adopt the approved design of the State Emblem as the Emblem of Government of Telangana.

The description of the State Emblem is as under:
  • “The State Emblem consists of Kakatiya Toranam, Charminar all in green colour and Ashoka Lions, i.e., Lion Capital in Gold colour with the words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ in Devanagari Script written prominently below the Lion Capital, all suitably harmonized into a green colour circle, with an external gold coloured circle, with the words ‘Government of Telangana’ in green colour in three languages, namely, English, Telugu and Urdu”.
All the Departments of the Secretariat and all the Heads of the Departments of Government of Telangana State are requested to adopt the above Revised State Emblem in all official stationery, invitations in connection with all State and official functions of the Government of Telangana, official seals and for display at all other places where it needs to be displayed like public buildings, flags, etc.

The soft copy of the State Emblem can be downloaded from the State Government official website: www.telangana.gov.in



A Flying Game - 5th Class Englsh

Children were having Pongal holidays.

They gathered in the ground.

Some of them were flying kites.

‘Hurrah! My kite is flying high. Look at it,’ shouted Mohan.

‘See, my kite is also flying high in the same height,’ cried Anil.

Mohan tightened the string over Anil’s kite and said to Anil, ‘Now see, how my kite will cut your kite.’Saying this Mohan pulled the string down.

Next second, the string of Anil’s kite was cut.

‘You fool, why did you cut my kite?’saying Anil started crying.

Slowly his kite started falling on the ground.

‘Don’t cry man! It’s all part of the game.’

After some time they saw another kite soaring very high in the sky. It looked like a bright star in the sky.

In a few seconds it was over Mohan’s kite.

Mohan turned his head and saw Raju flying that beautiful kite.

‘Oh! Raju, is it your kite? Wow, how beautiful it is!’ exclaimed Anil.

‘Yes! It’s mine.’ Saying this Raju tightened the string  and  pulled  it back slightly.

 It cut the string of Mohan’s kite. Mohan started crying.

‘Don’t cry man, it’s all part of the game,’  Anil  said mockingly.

Next, Raju cut three more kites.

All children gathered round Raju.

‘Hey, Raju, how… how could your kite cut all the kites?’

‘Yes.., yes my kite can cut all the kites in the village. I’m proud of it. Look kids! The manja, I applied to the string of my kite. It made the string so sharp and stiff.’ said Raju proudly.

‘Where did you buy the manja and the kite,’ enquired Mohan.

‘My brother has made it for me.’

‘Great! How  did  Shekaranna make  the manja?’ asked Anil.

‘It is made out of fine glass powder.’

‘What about this beautiful kite?’ asked Mohan.

‘Anna made it with newspaper.’

‘What, newspaper! Impossible!’

‘How can we make kites with newspapers?’ said, Ravi surprisingly.

‘Sure, why not? Anna is planning to make a huge fighter kite with the newspaper only. We’ll fly it on Sankranti day.’

Our Legacy - Poem - 5th Class English

We are a team,
Of courage and heart.
Every member,
Holds a critical part.
No matter what,
We shall never quit,
Tough  and determined,
With plenty of grit.

Now is the time
For us to excel.
Forget about past mistakes,
No point to dwell.
Only one thing
Should remain in our mind,
And how we shall find.

It’s all inside of us
Obvious and clear.
There is nothing,
We should hold back or fear.

Let’s go out there,
And release our fury,
We won’t need a judge,
Or a jury.
Through our victory,
Justice shall be served,
At the end of the day,
Our legacy,
Will be forever preserved.

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